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We provide Expert Guidance  for disabled, elderly, patients and for rehabilitation centers, dialysis centers and hospitals WorldWide.

Our purpose is to increase Mobility

+35 years of experience.

We strive everyday to be the support and gentle push for our clients, so more people can stay or become independent – and get more happiness in their life. 

We have created a collection of performant mobility exercisers designed and made in Denmark, made to be used while sitting in chair/wheelchair or from within a hospital bed. 

Our exercisers enables people who would otherwise loose more and more mobility, to increase their mobility by performing adapted physical exercise.

Increase Mobility

Re-Experience the joy of movement

Nothing compares to the joy of re-experiencing the ability to move – when you may have experienced sudden or over time degradation of your physical capability.

Our exercisers have a unique technology delvelopped by us. Body Energy Accumulating Technology which enables 99% of people with physical disabilities to get the healthy daily exercise – by using their own force. 

The daily exercise reduces many of the related side effects of lack of movement – almost every single one of our customers are surprised how fast they can regain physical strength. 

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Our BedBike Exerciser in action

bought by everyone who tries them!

Please visit our video gallery for more information

Our video gallery includes a wide variety of videos showing how and where, our exercisers are used.


Shipping and return policy

Shipping information

We ship the exercisers fully assembled. The Combi Bike Plus on a pallet ready to use, and the BedBike in a box Ready to use.

Please contact us for a detailed quote for shipping. 

Before shipping, we always call and ensure the exerciser is the right solution for you. That enables us to have a success rate near 100% even for people we haven’t seen.

Return Policy

We know that many people have bought a lot of equipment that did not work as expected. Our exercisers are user-friendly and works surprisingly well for 99% of our customers. 

In the rare case it does not work for you, you may return the exerciser to us for a credit, minus 200 Euro / Month and the transport. That is a no-nonsense return policy that we are proud to provide – we never get them back ! 

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World Wide Delivery

Wherever you are - We deliver!

Our exercisers are in use world-wide.

In case you are not fully satisfied, we provide the option for a full refund of our products, excluding shipment.

Our return policy gives the possibility to return the product within 30 days after reception.

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