Carsten Lemche

Our Purpose: Increase Mobility

+35 years of experience.

Every day, we love to provide support and encouragement to our clients, empowering them to achieve and maintain independence while enhancing their overall happiness.

We take pride in our range of highly effective mobility exercisers, meticulously designed and crafted in Denmark.

These devices are specifically made for use while sitting in a chair, wheelchair, or even from within a hospital bed.

Our exercisers offer a valuable solution for individuals at risk of losing mobility by facilitating adapted physical exercises, ultimately enabling them to enhance and preserve their mobility.

Hospice leg exerciser combi bike plus

Easy to use exerciser

Re-Experience the joy of movement

Rediscovering the joy of movement is unparalleled, especially when faced with sudden or gradual deterioration of physical abilities.

Our exercisers incorporate a proprietary technology developed by us—BEAT – Body Energy Accumulating Technology. This innovation empowers 98% of individuals with physical disabilities to engage in healthy daily exercise using their own strength.

Regular exercise mitigates numerous side effects associated with lack of movement.

Every one of our customers is pleasantly surprised by the rapidity with which they regain physical strength through consistent daily exercise

The best and easiest way to reduce muscle loss and increase strength

Our BedBike Exerciser in action

bought by everyone who tries them

BedExerciser for dialysis and for use in hospital bed

Please visit our video gallery for more information

Our video gallery includes a wide variety of videos showing how and where, our exercisers are used.


Shipping and return policy

Shipping information

We ship our exercisers fully assembled. The Combi Bike Plus on a pallet ready to use, and the BedBike in a box Ready to use.

Please contact us for a detailed quote for shipping. Contact us

Before shipping, we always call and ensure the exerciser is the right solution for you. That enables us to have a success rate near 100% even for people we haven’t seen.

Return Policy

We know that many people have bought a lot of equipment that did not work as expected. Our exercisers are user-friendly and works surprisingly well for 99% of our customers. 

In the rare case it does not work for you, you may return the exerciser to us for a credit, minus 200 Euro / Month and the transport. That is a no-hassle return policy that we are proud to provide – we never get any of them back.

How may we help You?

Online Demonstration

We are happy to walk you through our exercisers, in a one to one video call. 

Quote Request

We provide a quote for any quantity of exercisers to anywhere, including shipping

Upload Purchase Order

We accept purchase orders from government inst. and hospitals. 

Request Demo unit

Should you require to test the exerciser prior to purchase, please contact us by mail or by chat. 

World Wide Delivery

Wherever you are - We deliver Quickly

Our exercisers are in use world-wide.

If you are not entirely satisfied with your purchase, we offer a full refund for our products, excluding shipping costs and customs if any.

Our no hassle return policy allows you to return the product within 30 days of receiving it.

We are proud to have users in:

South Korea
South Africa
New Zealand