A structured exercise programme during haemodialysis

Significantly Improved Physical Function

Effect of haemodialysis exercise programme during dialysis


Long-term studies regarding the effect of a structured physical exercise programme (SPEP) during haemodialysis (HD) assessing compliance and clinical benefit are scarce.


One-year follow-up data revealed significant (p<0.05) improvement for both groups in all measured parameters: exercise capacity (HA: 55%, MA: 45%), strength (HA: >120%, MA: 40–50%), QoL in three scores of SF36 subscales and physical function in the three tests taken between 11% and 31%. Moreover, a quantitative correlation analysis revealed a close association (r=0.8) between large improvement of endurance capacity and weak physical condition (HA).


The exercise programme described improves physical function significantly and can be integrated into a HD routine with a high long-term adherence.

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