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Acute Compartment Syndrome

Acute Compartment Syndrome

An incredible quick recovery

I started very early

I exercised for hours during the boring days

Even when waiting for the plastic surgery i Exercised, the leg had to be prepared for the transplant of skin.

To the surprise of the nurses and doctors, we accomplished granular tissue (important to have best possible blood circulation before transplant. Even without Vaccum, which is the common way of increasing blood circulation.

Rehabilitation during ACT
"A 21 year old athlete explains how the BedBike helped him during his hospital stay.
As an Danish BMX Champion I never thought to need surgery in my leg. Compartment syndrome occurs when the pressure within a compartment increases, restricting the blood flow to the area and potentially damaging the muscles and nearby nerves.

To my surprise, exercising few days after the plastic surgery increased the blood circulation and ensured best healing process after the Acute Compartment Syndrome I had. "
BMX Champion
Exercising and Recovering with ACS