BedBike provide dialysis patients energy and a better quality of life

BedBike provide dialysis patients energy and a better quality of life

When using BedBike from Lemco Mobility, dialysis patients experience less cramps and have more energy. The Randers Dialysis Unit staff can manage the little BedBike with ease as well.

A versatile and handy exerciser for use during dialysis.

The Dialysis Unit of Regionshospital Randers, a branch of Aarhus University Hospital, has 42 patients receiving dialysis 2-4 times per week.

According to Mette Juel Kjærgaard, the head nurse, a dialysis treatment typically lasts four hours. And conditions that call for dialysis can include, for instance, complications from diabetes or congenital kidney diseases. When the kidneys fail, dialysis removes waste materials and extra fluid from the blood.

Using BedBike relieves cramps

Each patient is given individual attention as the nurse discusses using a bed cycle as exercise while undergoing dialysis.

– Leg trembling is a common symptom among dialysis patients. Using BedBike during dialysis is a clever move. The next step after leg trembling is muscle cramps, which can be relieved by pedaling, she says.

Cramping is brought on by insufficient blood flow to the feet, and poor blood circulation results from “stealing” some of it for the dialysis procedure.

Energy boost from exerciser

Some patients might at first be skeptical about pedalling while receiving dialysis, according to Mette Juel Kjærgaard. Patients who have a lot of waste materials accumulated are tired and just want to relax. And the dialysis procedure is physically demanding.

However, Mette Juel Kjærgaard explains that using BedBike also gives patients in dialysis more energy in between treatments, and they are less tired.

-Patients who have utilised the BedBike while receiving dialysis report having more energy, she says and continues:

-Four hours of dialysis is a long time, and even if there is a television, watching it for an extended period of time might be tedious. In light of this, using the BedBike can also be a fun way to kill time, says Mette Juel Kjærgaard.

Using BedBike increases leg strength

Dialysis patients, like everyone else, require exercise, and utilising the BedBike can also help them improve their walking distance and reduce the risk of falling.

-The use of BedBike in developing good blood circulation in the legs should not be ignored. Cycling can consequently help patients with an increased ability to walk. It increases their energy level, allowing them to use their legs more effectively. It also improves one’s quality of life, says Mette Juel Kjærgaard.

Easily managed

In this way, BedBike helps to make patients’ daily lives easier. However, the bed cycle is also appreciated by the staff.

-Because of its light weight, it is very simple to move around and secure on the end of hospital beds, she says

In 2020, the Dialysis Unit invested in BedBike. According to Mette Juel Kjærgaard, there were already two first generation Lemco bed bikes available at the time that were heavier and of lower quality than the new 9.3 kg BedBike.

-We sought a superior product and came across BedBike, she says.

BedBike in Dialysis

According to chief dialysis nurse Mette Juel Kjærgaard, the BedBike from Lemco Mobility in Elsinore brings patients more energy, increases their leg strength, and relieves muscle cramps.