BedBike used in ICU helps patients recover faster

ICU Pedal Exerciser At Hospital

BedBike helps patients recover faster in ICU at Horizon Hospital

Dr. Christopher White states that BedBike aids patients in the intensive care unit in recovering more quickly.

Using the BedBike to exercise from within the hospital bed - reduces the risk of sedentary health issues while hospitalised.

BedBike from Lemco Mobility in Elsinore, Denmark, has been used at the intensive care unit of Horizon’s Saint John Regional Hospital (SJRH) in New Brunswick, Canada, since the summer of 2022.

Dr. Christopher White was the one who suggested to use the BedBike in ICU. The proposal was made because many of the patients in the intensive care unit are very weak.

BedBike was developed so that patients can exercise while laying in a hospital. The use of BedBike helps rebuilding patients strength, and patients also reduces risk of subsequent problems like pneumonia, which is a common side effect when being in a hospital bed for a longer period.

You can read about the experiences in the hospital’s magazine.

Patient: I recommend BedBike, 100%

Terry Stacey, the first patient at SJRH to use BedBike, had a serious  cardiac health issue. Therefore, he could just cycle for a short time at first. But he continued to get stronger.

According to Dr. Christopher White, Terry Stacey was able to recover faster and be discharged from the hospital early because of his training with BedBike.

– I recommend it, 100%, says Terry Stacey about the BedBike in the published magazine of the Horizon group.

Click the image to open a PDF link to the article.

You may also want to read about Chris Brooks, a Texas resident who was in danger of dying from corona, in our cases section.

His recovery was helped by using the BedBike.

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