Change between the different modes by pressing the green button. The display turns on automatically and turns off automatically after 4 minutes of inactivity.

  • Speed: Your pedaling speed
  • Dist: Distance 
  • Time: Time spend exercising
  • Scan: Automatic change of modes
  • Alarm: >30 km/h (slow down)


Press the button to change between modes.

Press the button and hold to initiate 5 seconds to reset. 

The display enters sleep mode when inactive for 5 minutes and resets.

The backlit is engaged when you start exercising. 

Use an appropriate battery AA 3.6 V

Change the battery when the digits start to fade. 

Changing The Battery

To change the battery of the Combi Bike, 

carefully tip the combi bike over and lay it on its front. (On the side away from user position)

Underneath the exerciser is a battery casing held in place with magnets. Use the lip on the casing to tip it out and expose the batteries. 

In the event of you being unable to pop out the case with your hands, the tip of a pen can be used to pop out the case for easier access.



Your Combi Bike Plus can be wiped with a dampened cloth and a small amount of cleaning agent. 

NOTE: Display Is not waterproof. Do not wipe the display with a wet cloth as it can damage the display. Use a disinfectant wipe or towel instead and avoid hard pressure on the display itself.

Leg Placement

When exercising it is important that the users legs are in the right position on the Combi Bike Plus 

When the user is seated in front of the bike. The users knees should always align with the sides of the bike. If the user is tall in stature. Make sure their knees are not hitting the handles and during use, the pedals are at a comfortable turning radius.

Installation Of Leg Support

Installing the leg support on the pedal. 

The screw hole is located on the inside of the pedal towards the bike. 

The screw is pushed through the pre-cut hole in the rubber from the inside of the pedal. Place the hex-nut on the opposite side and tighten it.


The Plastic washer must be placed between the pedal and the leg support. Please lock the bolt with a 10 wrench and a 3 mm unbraco key. The leg support must be able to pivot with little resistance.

Mounting of Velcro

Mounting of velcro on the leg support. 

Velcro patches can be found on the backside of the leg support. These are the attachment points for the velcro band. 

Make sure the velcro isnt attached, too tight or too loose around the users leg.

Velcro bands can help your feet stay secure on the exerciser in case you have complications that makes it difficult to stay mounted.

Velcro bands can be ordered separately. 

They are easy to apply and remove with one hand.

 If the bands stop sticking, you can order new velcro online. They will wear out after long time use.

Our pedals are designed so well that most people do not even need Velcro. If you need the velcro, you can find it on our website or at your reseller. 

Velcro Placement

The velcro straps are located in three different places. 

Be sure to thighten all correctly but comfortably to ensure stability.

1. Fasten the ankle support velcro.

The ankle support velcro helps to stabilize your leg movement and keeps your leg in the right position while exercising on the Combi Bike Plus.

2. Fasten the upper pedal velcro.

The upper strap helps keep your foot in place so the user does not un-mount the pedal while exercising.

3. Fasten the lower pedal velcro.

The front velcro strap helps to keep the user pedaling with the whole surface of their foot.

Nylatex Band

As an alternative to the leg support. A Nylatex band might in many cases, be easier and more flexible option. 

The Nylatex band is wrapped around, above the knees to help keep the users legs straight. 

Nylatex provides more flexibility in movement when exercising on the Combi Bike Plus. 

Nylatex bands are often a better and more flexible solution than the leg support. Depending on the users needs.

For Wheelchair

In our webshop you can find the anti-tip for wheelchair users. If you apply a lot of force with legs during training, please note that the wheelchair might tip a bit. We have an anti-tip for this occasion. Please contact us if needed. 

The anti-tip crossbar is placed against the lower side of the handles on the wheelchair.

 The other crossbar is placed against the floor. Push the lower bar toward the wheelchair to create a stable tension.

You can change the length of the anti-tip by turning the knobs and pulling or pushing the bar to extend or retract.

Make sure the anti-tip bar is placed on an even surface.
Always tightened the knobs firmly.

Moving The Bike

The built-in wheels makes it possible to move the Combi Bike Plus over short distances on hard floor. If you need to move the Combi Bike Plus several meters, please lift the bike.


Because of the bikes weight, the wheels might leave marks on the floor, if you roll the bike on soft or painted floors. 

If you have to move the Combi Bike Plus over a longer distance we suggest lifting it.

Lock the bikes rotating parts before lifting.

It requires a minimum of two people to lift the bike safely.

There are lifting-points where it is easiest to lift the bike. Handles, the stand bar and resistance lever on the user side.

Repair Guidance

If you need to replace parts on the Combi Bike Plus be sure to contact Lemco for guidance so we can provide the proper instructions. 

It is important that you repair the bike with original parts and with guidance.

You can write a mail to us and book a Zoom call so we can guide you 

through the process at: info@lemco-mobility.com


The resistance lever can be operated from the top of the BedBike from level zero to four.

Level Zero: least resistance.

Level Four: most resistance. 

The BedBike is designed for up to 40 Watt 

and might overheat if you exercise 

above maximum for a longer period. 

Let the exerciser cool for 30 minutes 

in case it feels overheated. 

Assistants And Helpers

For Assistants and Helpers who instruct the users of the Lemco Combi Bike Plus. Please read the following.

Place the pedals in the lowest position to make it easier to mount. 

Make sure to initiate the lock before mounting the users feet on the pedals.

The Combi Bike Plus is equipped with a resistance lever on the user side and on the front of the bike, so the helper or assistant can operate the resistance level and lock ergonomically. 

Make sure the user is in the right sitting height and distance from the bike.


The Lemco Combi Bike is designed for Handicapped, other disabilities and elderly.

The Lemco Combi Bike Plus is designed to give the user an effective and easy exercise routine, to help strengthen and build muscle in legs and arms. The Combi Bike Plus can also help with increasing blood circulation.

The Combi Bike Plus has a 30km/h limit to pedaling speed. If you pedal above 30km/h the bike will sound an alarm to indicate max speed is exceeded.

The bike is designed for up to 40 Watt and might overheat if you exercise  above maximum for a longer period. Let the bike cool for 30 minutes 

in case it feels overheated.

Lemco Combi Bike plus is not a spinning exerciser and is not designed 

to be used as one. 

Only use Lemco Combi Bike Plus for training from a sitting position as 

described. The bike is designed to be used from wheelchair or chair.

For Your Safety

Safety (1)

We recommend you get approval from your doctor or therapist before you start training. Especially if you are in the elderly group.  

Users with handicap, other disabilities, heart or breathing problems must have approval from their doctor or therapist, before starting to exercise with the Combi Bike Plus. Supervision during use is required. 

It is recommended to seek professional assistance and get advice on how 

often you should train from a physiotherapist. They can also advice you on how to warm up before training and assist with a personal exercise program. 

Please read the limitations of the use of Lemco Combi Bike Plus before you start using the bike. 

If you have any difficulties using the bike after having read this manual throughly, please contact Lemco or your reseller for advice. 

Never use the bike if the function of it feels wrong.

It is advised to lock the rotation of the pedals when the bike is being transported or is not in use. 

Place the bike on an even surface. 

There must be at least one meter of moving space from the wheelchair to the bike. 

Please tighten the bolts on the pedals, and the handles after approximately one month.  

Be sure to wear appropriate clothing when training. 

Please wear shoes with good support and soles when training.

Avoid excessive training. Follow your doctor or therapists exercise instructions. 

Safety (2)

Ensure a minimum distance of 30 cm. from Lemco Combi Bike 

to other objects e.g. Wall / Tables / Chairs. 

Do not use the bike near small children. 

Do not let children play with the trainer.

The bike is not to be used by children below 15 years old, without 

supervision from an adult. 

Changes to any part of the bike is prohibited. Changes can damage the bike,  reduce the performance of the bike and can cause risk of injury. 

If the user feels dizzy, short breathed or have other 

symptoms that could indicate danger their health, stop 

exercising immediately and call a doctor.

When training, ensure that the hands of the

assistant / Therapist is held at a safe distance. 

Pedals and handles are connected so they move synchronously as a part of our BEAT technology. 

The bike is not a toy. It is not security approved for use by children. 

Please ensure no children has access to the bike.

Be careful of scarfs or other loose clothing. Ensure that such items do not collide or get caught in moving parts. 

Ensure not to get your fingers trapped in moving parts. 

Also when moving or lifting the bike over short or long distances. 

This is also applicable for assistants / helpers, helping a user exercising.


  • Warranty Professional: 1 Year
  • Warranty Home Use: 1+2 years
  • Resistance: 10 levels + Rotational Lock
  • Max. User Weight: 120 kg
  • Dimensions: 115 x 50 x 75 cm
  • Display: Time, Distance, Speed
  • Optional: Velcro For Feet
  • Weight: 38 kg
  • CE: SportingDevice EN957
  • Battery: Li-ion 3.6V, 2400mAh, type AA, non-rechargeable.


Do not throw the battery into the trash.


Lemco Combi Bike Plus is designed for indoor use only.

  • Temperature: 15°C – 35°C.
  • Humidity: 40% – 60% RH, non-condensing.
  • Pressure: 960 hPa – 1060 hPa.
  • IP Classification: IP22

Storage & transport.

  • Temperature: 5°C – 35°C.
  • Humidity: 40% – 60% RH, non-condensing.
  • Pressure: 700 hPa – 1060 hPa.
  • EMC: IEC 60601-1-2

Do not place the exerciser in direct sunlight, discoloration might occur.


Damage to the Combi Bike Plus by not following 

the manuals instructions results in void of warranty.

The Combi Bike Plus is designed for indoor use only.

Damage to the Combi Bike Plus by storing it in conditions 

outside of environments stated will result in a void of warranty. 

Lemco-Mobility cannot be held responsible for any damages caused to floor.

Lemco-Mobility cannot be held responsible if you do not follow the safety guide 

and cause injury to self or others while using the Combi Bike Plus.

The Combi Bike Plus is not a spinning exerciser and is not to be used as one. 

The Combi Bike Plus may only be used according to Therapist or Doctor’s Instructions.

Only use original Lemco-Mobility parts. Un-original parts results in a void of warranty.

Using the Combi Bike Plus for unintended purposes results in a void of warranty.

Lemco-Mobility cannot be held responsible for damage caused by wrongful use of the exerciser.

It is prohibited to self-repair on the Lemco Combi Bike Plus without guidance from Lemco or authorized reseller.

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