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Combi Bike Plus keeps him moving

Combi Bike Plus Enables kim to be mobile

Niels Søren Hundborg enjoys going on everyday walks. The walks were jeopardized at one point because he grew shaky on his feet and fell. However, exercising with the Combi Bike Plus allows him to stroll on the beach and through the woods with confidence.

In Frederikshavn, Denmark, people enjoy the fresh air and breeze in their hair. At least Niels Søren Hundborg and Lene Christensen, who peered into a dark tunnel at one point. But we’ll get to that later.

Niels Søren Hundborg, 68, suffered a stroke in 1999, which left him paralyzed on one side and with aphasia, which means he has difficulties communicating.

It was a hard path back to where he is now for the former postal service chief controller, who was also active on the football and tennis fields.

– We’ve gone through a lot. Søren has undergone extensive rehabilitation; his right arm remains paralyzed, but he can now walk with a cane, says his wife, Lene Christensen.

The search for a solution

Niels Søren Hundborg began with daily therapy with a physiotherapist, which was eventually reduced to once a week. Because, according to Lene Christensen, there came a period when doctors considered the disease had become “stationary,” and it was then all about keeping the body as healthy as possible.

– We used to have an ordinary exercise bike to maintain his legs in condition. However, it was too difficult for him to bike on it, and he began to tumble when he walked, says Lene Christensen. When a man of 185 cm falls, getting him back on his feet can be challenging. As a result, she poured everything she had into finding a solid training instrument for her spouse.

– I scanned the internet – searched, searched, and searched – till I came across something called Lemco. We began by renting our Combi Bike Plus to check if Søren could utilize it. And we quickly realized that it was excellent for exercising, so we purchased it in May of 2021. Then there’s the added benefit of Søren’s right and bad arm being able to be exercised so that it doesn’t curl into a hook. Tendons contract when they are not moved, says Lene Christensen.

Seven kilometres and a safe walk

Niels Søren Hundborg says he loves his Combi Bike Plus and exercises for 20 minutes every day. The display frequently reads seven kilometers, and he exercises with varying difficulty. The mobility exerciser is situated in his study so that Niels Søren Hundborg may look out into the garden while exercising.

– He gets fatigued after exercising. He’s improved significantly, and he no longer trips when we go for a stroll, and he has a safer and faster walk, says Lene Christensen. Simultaneously, she emphasizes that, in addition to riding his Combi Bike Plus, Niels Søren Hundborg also trains for an hour a day with other exercises.

What if he couldn't exercise

Today, the two retirees enjoy their daily 1.2-1.5 kilometer walks in the woods and on the shore. The couple enjoys being outside and has also done a lot of camping.

– In our house Søren’s job is to keep himself busy and healthy, so that we can manage for ourselves and be self-reliant for as long as possible, says Lene Christensen. She hardly dares to think what would have happened if her husband couldn’t exercise on a Combi Bike Plus.

– If he had continued to fall while we walked, it would have restricted our range of motion. Lene Christensen shudders as she recalls seeing a wheelchair at the end of a dark tunnel. She admits that finding Lemco Mobility on the internet and contacting Carsten Lemche, the CEO and inventor of Combi Bike Plus, was like “going to heaven.”

– He knew what he was talking about, understood Søren’s requirements, and provided us with excellent service, recalls Lene Christensen.

Niels exerising with his Combi Bike Plus at home

Every day, Niels Søren Hundborg uses his Combi Bike Plus to exercise in his room. For his legs, it works wonders. Additionally, the damaged arm benefits from not getting “hooked” by doing so.