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Covid-19 Rehabilitation

Covid-19 Rehabilitation

Covid Rehabilitation
How to Exercise ?

Six exercisers at university hospital in France for Covid Rehabilitation

They love them, and they are demanded by patients. 

During the pandemic the exercisers are used to reduce loss of muscles during hospital stay. The exercisers are so popular that the hospital ordered more and more for the patients.

Short Payback time. An occupied hospital bed easily costs 800 Eur/ Day. The exerciser pays for itself if just one patient is discharged from the hospital 2 days earlier – and with reduced risk of falling and reduced post corona rehabilitation.

"Quality and ease of use has been one of our requirements, the exerciser from LEMCO fulfils this to perfection - and we can see our patients has less need of rehabilitation after a long period in bed.
MMe Merle
Head-Nurse, Covid Rehabilitation, France