Full Customer Satisfaction is our goal

Extraordinary Service combined with Great Products

Fully Satisfied

We have a staggering customer satisfaction rate. 

Our exercisers are used daily and in some cases the all day (Rehabilitation Centers) they are highly demanded by the users – and often more exercisers are added when the queue is keeps increasing. 

Not Satisfied ?

We are so gifted by having a 99% satisfied customer base.

In the unlikely event you are part of the just one percent where our solution is not perfect – We will  find a way to redirect the product to another customer and reimburse you a large portion of the price paid, minus the shipping.

When tried, our customers are always surprised why they did not do it long time ago.

Contact us

We are looking forward to help you !

We want to Ensure all our customers are satified with their purchase, no matter what country they are from.

We try our best to satisfy all of our users with both safety in purchase and advice of benefits. 

If there are still any questions or things you would like to know, that we missed to answer don’t hesitate to write to us or use the chat.

We will happily help! 

General questions

At any time you can return either the Combi Bike Plus or the BedBike for a credit. We credit the entire exerciser minus 200 Euro per month and excluding the shipping price.

– No Questions Asked – But we would like to know the reason so we have a chance to learn for other customers. 

You can write and call us in: French, German, English, Scandinavian. For Spanish we can come far with Google Translate. 

We are located north of Copenhagen. 1 Hour by train from Copenhagen Airport. We are close to Kronborg, the famous known Castle of Hamlet. 

Carsten Lemche is the owner. He is the developer and the inventor. 

We have a Showroom where we would love to see you. We have parking just outside and ramp, and of course a handicap friendly toilet. 

Please call for an appointment, or use our Online Demonstration possibility.