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Diabetes – how to exercise ?

Diabetes - How to train ?

Our BEAT Technology enables people with Diabetes to exercise, easily and healthy.

My toe was amputated a few years ago due to diabetes. 

Before I got the Combi Bike I could not exercise as the exerciser with a saddle I had was too har for me to mount. 

I was advised to try the Combi Bike from LEMCO in Denmark. It was surprisingly ease to use and even my 89 year old mother used it without introduction, when she saw me using it, she wanted to try as well. 

I am 59 years old and have had diabetes for the last 25 years. My daily use of insulin is also reduced due to the physical activity now possible. 

"My mother at 89 used it while she was visiting us, and it also helped her mobility a lot."
P Thompson.