Dialysis – In Bed Exercise during dialysis

Dialysis Bed Exercise

Exercise during dialysis makes patients happy.

Optimizing Dialysis Through in Bed or in Chair Exercise

The Importance of Physical Activity in Dialysis

Dialysis treatment, while essential, often restricts patients’ physical activity. Integrating exercise into dialysis regimes, such as with the innovative BedBike, has shown significant improvements in treatment outcomes.

This approach promotes better urea clearance, enhancing dialysis adequacy and patient well-being.

BedBike: Revolutionizing Patient Mobility

BedBike stands as a testament to innovative healthcare solutions, enabling patients to engage in low-impact exercise during dialysis. Its design caters specifically to the needs and limitations of dialysis patients, fostering an active lifestyle without compromising treatment efficiency.

Clinical Benefits and Patient Experiences

“Exercising in bed during dialysis not only optimizes the treatment but also elevates the patient’s overall health and mood,” as noted by healthcare experts.

This segment will delve into the tangible health benefits observed in patients using BedBike, backed by clinical studies and patient testimonials.

The prevalence of cognitive impairment in hemodialysis (HD) patients is extremely high.

Despite the well-documented benefits of interventions on cognitive function, there is a widespread call for effective strategies that will show the long-term consequences in patients undergoing dialysis.

The aim of this research protocol was to investigate the effect of cognitive training combined with physical exercise on cognitive function, physical performance, and frailty indicators in the HD population.

We will conduct a randomized controlled intervention trial to examine the effects of a combined non-pharmacological intervention in the form of intradialytic physical exercise and intradialytic cognitive training on cognitive function, indicators of frailty, and physical performance measures in HD patients.

Read the full research Document here:
Effects of Intradialytic Cognitive and Physical Exercise Training

Patients with chronic kidney disease (CKD) treated with hemodialysis (HD) experience a decline in physical function and mobility, including difficulties with walking, balance, and coordination.

This may lead the effects of the disease itself and the treatment process, which cause muscle weakness and physical fatigue [3]. In addition, this patient population is at increased risk for cognitive impairment with significant deficits in attention and executive function.

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Hemodialysis (HD) patients have lower cognitive functioning and reduced physical fitness than age-matched healthy individuals. Clinicians typically do not recognize the declining cognitive performance in these patients; therefore, cognitive impairment is greatly underestimated and not appropriately treated. This study aimed to evaluate the impact on cognitive function of combining cognitive training with physical exercise and physical performance in HD patients. Methods: Using a randomized, single-blinded control design, forty-four HD patients were recruited and randomly assigned to either an intradialytic physical exercise and cognitive training program.

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A well known researcher in Nefrology from Slovenia
"Exercising in bed during dialysis not only optimizes the treatment but also elevates the patient's overall health and mood"
Spela Bogataj
Ljubljana University Medical Centre | UMC · Department of Nephrology PhD
Thousands of users stories - A few quotes below
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Increased Quality Of Life for Patients in Hemodialysis
Exercise during dialysis enhances blood flow, reduces muscle tension, and promotes overall well-being, diminishing cramps in end-stage kidney disease patients.
Exercise during dialysis improves cardiovascular health, scientific proof that  Kt/V (dialysis efficiency) dialysis adequacy is improved.

Exercising during dialysis sessions can significantly increase energy levels between treatments.

Exercising improves cardiovascular health, boosts stamina, and enhances overall well-being, making post-dialysis recovery more manageable and effective.

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