BedBike at a Regional Hospital in Denmark

Leif pedaled 5.000 kilometres.

A BedBike was tried for two weeks, and within the two weeks, Leif fell in love with the weekly exercise during dialysis.

When in Dialysis – time is running and making every day a good day matters.

When Leif realised that the exerciser was leaving the dialysis clinic, he decided to donate it. Since then two more exercisers have been bought.

Every single kilometer has reduced the side effects from dialysis, and Leif will never stop exercising while he is in Dialysis.

Leif sent us a message
"I have pedaled 5.000 Kilometers. I am extremly happy and I have biked from Paris and for Nordkap - and I am heading back."
Patient in dialysis
Dialysis exerciser for bed

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