Case stories from our users with diseases and how they exercise to improve their well being and quality of life.

Daily exercise at home keeps Anders fit

Anders Bonde Jensen exercise with Combi Bike Plus mobility exerciser despite not being able to walk due to sclerosis. He uses it sitting in his wheelchair, and the daily exercise improves his arm strength and blood circulation in his legs.

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Parkinson Disease Many of our users who have Parkinson disease, have great use of your exercisers The Healthy Movement Increases

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Cerebral Palsy CP

Kim has been in a wheelchair for many years. He has developed a Diabetes due to inactivity. No exerciser has been able to provide Kim the needed 30 minutes daily exercise until now.

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GBS Rehabilitation

Guillian-Barré Syndrome​​ and How to Exercise? We have designed and deliver world class exerciser to increase mobility. The exerciser enables

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