Elderly care

We have hundreds of our exercisers in use daily worldWide.

Limited number of elderlycare homes have the right exercise equipment available for their residents – if any. 

Every place our exercisers are tried they are adopted and we recieve a lot of fantastic positive feedback. 

We are exited to share some stories from elderly homes and their users

Making new friends with Combi Bike Plus

When the residents of Denmark’s largest nursing home exercise with a Combi Bike Plus, there is both humor and seriousness in the scene. The residents find it easy to use the mobility exerciser, according to physiotherapist Tom Rasmussen.

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It benefits my legs

When exercising, Helene Rasmussen advises using a Combi Bike Plus if you have osteoarthritis and reduced blood circulation in your legs. ​

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Parkinson Disease Many of our users who have Parkinson disease, have great use of your exercisers The Healthy Movement Increases

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