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We have resellers in various countries in Europe. Please fill out our contact form and we will locate the right reseller for you – in your region. 

Export information Europe

For areas not covered by a reseller / Distributor we are happy to assist you from our offices in Denmark. We have already helped many elderly care facilities and individuals around Europe with great success. 

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Shipping Europe

Our shipping and return policy

Shipping information

We ship the exercisers fully assembled. The Combi Bike Plus on a pallet ready to use, and the BedBike in a box Ready to use.

Please contact us for a detailed quote for shipping. 

Before shipping, we always call and ensure the exerciser is the right solution for you. That enables us to have a success rate near 100% even for people we haven’t seen.

Return Policy

We know that many people have bought a lot of equipment that did not work properly. Our exercisers are userfriendly and works surprisingly well for 99% of our customers. 

In case it does not work for you, you may return the exerciser to us for a credit, minus 200 Euro / Month and the transport. That is a no nonsense return policy that we are proud to provide – we never get them back ! 

VAT Relief for UK Customers

To request VAT Relief - Fill out this form

VAT Relief form

We have shipped quite a few by air with the VAT Relief form and that has not given any VAT Charge for our customers. 

Although there is no guarantee, this VAT Relief has worked well for many years, so we don´t expect any problems with customs. 

Please return the from scanned and filled out with the required details to: info@lemco.dk


Our exercisers are highly reliable. In the event that anything needs service that is not possible by sending an sparepart replaceable by the enduser with a YouTube Video.

We will arrange someone to fix it on location, or find another way of helping you out.

We are here to help you…  

Any questions ? Please contact us ! Contact Page

World Wide Delivery

Wherever you are - We deliver

Our exercisers are in use worldwide

In case you are not fully satisfied, we provide the option for a full refund of our products, excluding shipment.

Our return policy gives the possibility to return the product for a credit within 30 days after reception.

We are proud to have users in:

South Korea