Exercise during hospice stay


We enable patients in hospices to enjoy the feeling of being physically active. 

In use during the day

The Physio introduced it and the patients use it

The exerciser is used many times a day at our hospice  – As a physio I know the importance of physical activity. 

I love to to see the joy in the eyes of our patients, when they realise they can exercise during their stay – and how easily it is done. 

Our patients are mostly terminal and often unable to walk. When they try the exerciser the first time, they are surprised that they can. 

The smooth movement is so joyful, that they use the exerciser at any time during the day. 

We are very happy with our purchase and I would recommend other hospices to try it as well. 

Patients quote
"Easy to use and heathy for the patients"
Combi Bike Exerciser in use in a Hospice

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