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It has to be the one with the leaves

The One With The Leaves Has To Be The One

A Combi Bike Plus is in great demand at the Montebello nursing home as training equipment. In particular for wheelchair users. Each of the six wards needs its own, according to the physiotherapist.

According to Physiotherapist Line Bertelsen and Activity coordinator Marina Schiellerup, a Combi Bike Plus is some residents’ first choice of exercise equipment for gymnastics at the Montebello nursing home in Elsinore, Denmark.

– We use it largely for wheelchair users, for individuals who have trouble walking, and to get them warmed up, says Line Bertelsen. For residents who have disabilities including dementia, stroke, and other conditions, Combi Bike Plus is an excellent form of exercise. She adds that for some people, it’s just plain enjoyable.

Its advantage over other equipment is that you can use it while seated in your own chair or a wheelchair. This makes it simple for a variety of residents to use it; some do so even on the weekends. According to Line Bertelsen, another advantage of using a Combi Bike Plus is that you can workout either your arms and legs simultaneously or just your legs.

The Bicycle generation

It’s maintenance training, and according to Marina Schiellerup, there is no question that the residents benefit greatly from it.

– These people enjoy pedaling. Three times a week, we have gymnastics, and some residents would rather cycle and do so every time. They find it convenient to train their legs in such manner. Our generation has commuted to work by bicycle frequently. It’s a well-known movement that they missed as well as an extra bonus, she says.

You may use the Combi Bike Plus with a huge screen in Montebello to go on short bike rides in a familiar setting – The Video rehab solution Fram Lemco Mobility is utilized at each of the municipality’s five care facilities.

Appealing and well-liked

According to Marina Schiellerup, one of the residents even exhibits mild offense if “her” Combi Bike Plus is taken by another resident to a gymnastics lesson.

– We previously had an old model standing in her own ward, but she replied, “It must be the one with the leaves,” referring to the Combi Bike Plus’s striking appearance of beech leaves. The opportunities that a Combi Bike represents, however, have not yet been realized by all 60 residents.

– If you ask me, having one in each of the six wards would be ideal, says Line Bertelsen.

When you exercise while doing something else, like watching television in the common living room, it becomes visible to those who do not attend gymnastics practice, she explains.

The Combi Bike Plus in use at Montebello nursing home

The residents of the Montebello nursing home like using the Combi Bike Plus.