Worlds Only and Best Exerciser For Bed Use

World Class Health Technology in use by more than 500 hospital beds daily

We provide a world class possibility to increase your mobility by exercising during a hospital stay. 

We develop and manufacture the world best exerciser for in bed exercise / in bed rehabilitation. For many years, dialysis and in bed-care patients have searched for the optimal way to exercise and maintain muscle strength while in dialysis.

Our exerciser is endorsed by all users, doctors and nurses worldwide. 


Auto Start/Stop Back-Lit Display With Large Digits

The quality display is designed with a back-lit screen and large digits to insure clear visibility for all.

It has a simplified menu as to not confuse or complicate exercise.

The time on the display is displayed in minutes and seconds showing how long the user has been actively pedaling.

The display allows the user to display the speed at which they are pedaling in Km/h.

The distance is shown in kilometres and gives the user a precise number of how far they have pedaled.


The large display enables users to exercise on their own and helps to improve or maintain muscle strength with ease. The technology makes motorized exercisers obsolete for almost all cases represented.



Easy To Keep Clean, Rounded Surfaces ​

The rounded surfaces of the exerciser, makes it easy to clean and disinfect.  The BedBike can be cleaned with disinfectant wipes or a lightly wetted cloth.


You can quickly and easily clean the exerciser, minimizing the time it takes to ready it for the next user.



light and easy to move

With a full weight of just 9.3 kg the exerciser is easily moveable, with the rounded comfort grip - the BedBike can be carried around with ease.


The weight enables anyone, even the patients themselves to mount the BedBike on the Bed and begin their exercise. It often makes it possible for most patients to switch between the different bed / chairs among themselves, without requirering personel or nurses help.


Innovative Handle​

Ergonomic handle with grip

The grip is designed to fit almost any angle of bed-frame. Wood, metal or plastic frame. The handle on the BedBike makes it the perfect exerciser for hospital use. The firm grip attaches the Bed-Exerciser to almost any hospital-bed or care bed. It is ideal for exercise for in-bed care and-in bed rehabilitation.


The exerciser can easily be moved and placed on the bedframe by personel, nurses or relatives. You can easily switch between beds and chairs. The grip is so easy to use that patients themselves can mount them on the bed without assistance.



Smooth Four Level Magnetic Resistance​

Noiseless magnetic resistance  in the four levels of resistance is easily adjusted by a lever. The lever is placed atop of the exerciser for easy operation by patient or nurses.

The high speed flywheel in the exerciser ensures smooth movement.


The wear free and silent magnetic resistance ensures long life of the exerciser.

The flywheel ensures that the patients are helped to exercise for longer.

Smooth Motion​​

Body Energy Accumulating Technology​​

Our invention gives the user the ability to exercise effortlessly with own strength, how much or how little it might be. The sense of being able to exercise on your own is a phenomenal moral booster for a majority of in-bed care patients. BEAT-light (Body Energy Accumulating Technology) is an invention by Lemco Mobility, to assist users without the need of electric motor assistance.

Our BEAT Technology allows the user to experience a smooth and comfortable rotation when pedaling.

Our innovative pedaling technology removes all lag or other uncomfortable issues found when pedaling with most exercisers. 

The exerciser is completely independent when it comes to power sources, The BEAT technology insures the user a comfortable exercise without the need for electrical motor assistance.


Enables users to exercise on their own and helps to improve or maintain function with ease. The technology makes motorized exercisers absolete for almost all cases represented.

Wall Hanger for Bed Bike (1)


Optional Wall hanger

The optional wall hanger makes it possible for one or more BedBikes to hang on the wall for easy storage.
The grip on the exerciser can be fastened to the wall hanger with ease. This is a hygienic storage ensuring a clean exerciser for hospital use.


Nurse, relative or patient will always have the exerciser handy when needed. The BedBike(s) can be stored in waiting rooms without occupying any space in the actual ward if not in use.


Quality Pedals

Pedals With Heel-Support​

The pedals design makes exercise a treat, with stability and comfort to enable the user to pedal for longer periods.

The heel support is specifically designed to comfortably hold the users feet in position when pedaling.

Our pedals are CNC milled in lightweight aluminium in a one size fits all pedal. 

The pedals come with soft surface pads to maximize comfort for the user.


Even without straps to fasten around the foot, the pedals are so well designed that even a two hour ride is performed safe and effortless. The Bedbikes pedals are made in aluminium, to insure quality and durability.


Danish Design

Appealing, Fresh And Optimistic Design​

A stylish and fresh design, with spring green leaves and a soothing offset white shell.

The spring green leaves are drawn by a local danish artist to express freshness and freedom

The design is meant to give an experience of energy, new beginnings and strength


ABS cover with UV block-laminate ensures the exerciser will look good for years, and not fade in print or color.

Wall Hanger for Bed Bike (1)

No External Power​ Required

A Cordless Exerciser To Use With HospitalBeds

Our exercisers only require power for the display. In form of an AA 3.6V battery that lasts for  about 6-12 months / apps. 12-20.000 km.. Battery is included and installed.

This battery 3.6v AA Li Battery can be purchased worldwide from either Lemco Mobility or local supplier.


The risk of tripping over the power cord and the easy acces for the nurses is crucial for such an equipment to be used with success.

Technical Specifications

A durable and sturdy compact design

Weight: 9.3 kg

Shipping Dimensions: 50 cm x 50 cm. x 40 cm

Battery: 3.6V Li-Ion Long Life Battery Size AA / apps 20.000 km

Warranty: 1 Year Professional Warranty


I Donated the BedBike to the dialysis center. ”I was so happy and felt so well since I had the opportunity to exercise while in dialysis. I ended up buying it myself and donating it to the center”

Haemodialysis. Denmark

The Patients help themselves. ”In our Limited care ward, the patients grab the BedBike from the wall and exercise on their own during dialysis”

Dialysis. Denmark

I use it every-time. ”It reduces the cramps I used to get when in dialysis. It should be available in all dialysis centres”

Dialysis. Denmark

They love it! ”As a dialysis nurse, I am pleased to see how much joy and motivation our patients show. Now they have a chance to stay active during dialysis”

Nephrology Chief Nurse. Denmark

I love this exerciser. ”I was very tired whenever I came home after dialysis. Now I have more energy and my wife says I am happier”

Dialysis. Denmark
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