Worlds Best Exerciser for Chair and Wheelchair

For better health and quality of life

People in wheelchairs and people who deal with reduced mobility,  need daily exercise.

Our innovative solution enables many wheelchair-users to be able to re-experience the joy of exercising, with our exerciser this can be performed in a comfortable and safe way. This assists maintaining and  improving physical abilities and performance. 

Our exerciser is endorsed by users, doctors, rehablitationcenters, therapists and nurses worldwide.


Danish Design & Quality

No compromises made - ensures satisfaction

Our exerciser is made without compromises to quality or reliability. It is for both home and professional use. The Combi Bike Plus is used in many different care areas as a way to help retain or improve bodily functions with exercise. At home or in elderlycare, hospitals, rehabilitation and many other areas.


High quality and low maintenance. Our design goal from a reliability perspective, is to be used 6 hours a day 365 days a year for ten years.


Handles with 3 point grip

Always A Good Grip​

The handles on the exerciser provides 3 ways of gripping, making it ideal for users with paraplegia and incomplete tetraplegia.

Best grip for pushing against and drawing on the handle, to create a rowing motion. 

Best grip for pushing against and drawing on the handle, to create a rowing motion. 

Requires stability in the users hands. With its wider span it provides the maximum of movement and rotation when exercising. 


The handles on the exerciser provides 3 ways of gripping, making it ideal for users with paraplegia and incomplete tetraplegia. ​


Pedals with heel support

Comfortable Supporting Pedals​

Our pedals have a heel support mounted that ensures the feet are easy to place on the pedal and cannot slide off. The design of the pedal helps to guide the users foot towards the side of the exerciser in a firm position, to ensure the users sit straight with their legs when pedaling. The two velcro straps (single hand operate-able) are often not required because of the pedals design already assisting the user greatly in foot stability.


Feet support for stability when exercising. Velcro bands to fasten in case of need. Anti-slide pedal lip to help keep the feet on pedal surface while exercising.



Back-lit display with large digits

Large digits and backlighting makes it an easy read display even with a vision impairment. The display has three functions for ease of use, Speed, time and distance.  The display is angled to make it easier to read for the user.


The design of the bike lets the user view the display but without blocking the vision so entertainment in forms of TV or other forms are possible.


Single Hand Operated Velcro straps for feet

Easy To Use Even With One Hand​

The velcro straps are designed for one-hand operation, so the user of the exerciser often can set and remove the velcro without assistance. Combined with our innovative rotational lock, even hemiplegics can be self assisting, and thus be more independent when exercising. The velcro is angled on the pedal to ensure support and a perfect fit. We only use original Velcro that lasts for at least 1.000 operations .


Support for the user to keep feet in place on the pedals while exercising. A design that allows the possibility for self assistance. Quality Velcro for long time use.

recumbrent exerciser

Silent in use

A Noiseless Experience

The exerciser is almost completely silent when in use.


You can enjoy different entertainment while exercising without having to worry about noise issues, making it possible to watch TV and listen to music without any distracting noise. Residents or users with hearing aids will not be bothered by noise from the exerciser.


Rollers to move

Equipped With Rollers For Easy Transportation​​

You can easily move the exerciser over short distances on even floors. The rollers have roller bearings to ensure smooth movement.


The exerciser is easily moveable on an even surface.


Innovative Rotational Brake​

Become Independant

We know how difficult it can be to exercise without help if you are paralyzed in either legs, arms or one side of the body. The innovative rotational brake makes it possible for users to stop the rotation of the pedals and handles at any point in the 360 degree radius.


You can fully stop the rotation at all 360 degrees. This feature makes it easy to mount and unmount your legs and arms from the exerciser. This innovative brake also enables many of our users to remove or set the velcrostraps without assistance.


Assistant operated brake

Interconnected resistance and brake lever

The design of the resistance and lock lever makes it possible for both the user, therapist and helper to operate the resistance and brake from either side of the bike.  The lever is interconnected on both sides of the exerciser.


Ease of use is crucial to success. Because of the ease of use our exerciser the preferred exerciser for elderly-care and home use.


10 level magnetic resistance

Exercise with ease for all

Our resistance lever provides a 10 level high magnetic resistance.  The resistance levels from 0 to 9 spans from VERY easy to reasonable high resistance for people with rehabilitation requirement.  People who try the Combi Bike Plus are always surprised of the smooth movement and ease of use the exerciser provides.


No need for changing brake pads as there is no friction. Versatility in levels of resistance to fit more users. The minimal resistance (level 0) ensures that even people with severe muscular dystrophy can exercise.


BEAT Technology Explained

Ensuring a smooth and comfortable exercise

One of our greatest strengths, is the BEAT Technology (Body Energy Accumulating Technology). It is invented by Lemco and assists even severely disabled people to exercise with great benefit.  BEAT Technology provides assistance in the full rotational movement during the 360 degree rotation, making exercising much more pleasant and satisfactory compared to the exercisers with electric-motors. 


Compared to exercisers with a motor (Active / Passive exercisers) our BEAT Technology largely surpasses any existing exerciser trying to match our mechanical technology by the means of electronic.

The movement is syncronous, so you will experience a smooth movement of arms and legs that is interconnected. The technology outperforms ANY recumbent exercisers and exercisers for disabled.

More than 98 out of 100 wheelchair users prefers using this exerciser than the exercisers with a motor. And the exercise is even easier and more healthy than exercising with a motor.

Incredible performance

No External Power Required

Our BEAT Technology Works Better Than Traditional Exercisers with a motor.

Our exercisers only require power for the display. In form of an AA 3.6V battery that lasts for  about 6-12 months.
Battery is included and installed. This type of battery can be purchased worldwide from either Lemco Mobility or local supplier.


You can move the exerciser wherever you like, without needing a cord or wall plug nearby. Easily changeable battery.

Technical Specifications

A durable and Solid compact design

Weight: 38 kg 

Shipping Dimensions: 110 cm x 50 cm x 120 cm

Battery: 3.6V LI AA Battery

Moveability: Wheels with ball-bearings

Internal Ball Bearings: SKF Quality Bearings


No one gets worse. Everyone gets better. ”Your exercisers are undeniably the best we have bought in the last ten years (And we have tried many) we have 13 exercisers currently.”

Stroke Rehabilitation center

It invites to move. ”Its ergonomic and affordable. The resistance gearing is easily operated by the user and therapist.”


Everyone can use them. ”Its easy to operate for Walker or Wheelchair users. Its a safe way to exercise. Our elderly love it.”

Occupational Therapist

It’s exciting with something new. ”We have 70 residents at our nursery home. But only 5 exercisers, We would like 5 more! They work absolutely phenomenally.”


I love this exerciser. ”It has such a fluent motion, its easy to place your feet and I can exercise my arms at the same time.”

Catherine (MS)
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