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Exercising at home with Combi Bike Plus

Exercise from an Electric Wheelchair

Diagnosed 20 years ago, she wanted to exercise daily. Not only twice a week at physiotherapy.

A long time user of our Combi Bike Plus decided, to buy one of our exceptional exercisers for her own home, after experiencing it at her therapist.

Even if her sclerosis had confined her to an electric wheelchair she was determined to maintain her bodies functionality. 

From the first session at her therapist, she experienced how easy it was to use the Combi Bike Plus. Even from an electric wheelchair it was an effortless exercise experience, with minimal assistance. It was the BEAT (Body Accumulating Technology) which helped her pedal with ease. 

This sparked her interest in buying one for own home. 


She send us wonderful news
"Since her purchase the exerciser has been in daily use. Ensuring healthy blood circulation and providing the important exercise that is needed for wellbeing."
Carsten Lemche

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