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It benefits my legs

Exercising Benefits My Legs

When exercising, Helene Rasmussen advises using a Combi Bike Plus if you have osteoarthritis or reduced blood circulation in your legs.

Helene Rasmussen, 91, a former nurse, is aware of the value of staying physically strong and healthy.

She has resided at the Montebello Nursing Home in Elsinore, Denmark for the past five years and takes part in the residents’ three weekly gymnastics classes with enthusiasm. The Combi Bike Plus is her go-to exerciser.

– It helps my legs, therefore I’m glad to use it. I can’t walk as well as I used to, says Helene Rasmussen.

She uses a wheelchair to get to gymnastics and tells that she underwent knee surgery many years ago, has osteoarthritis, and has poor blood circulation in her legs. With a walker, Helene Rasmussen can move around a little bit.

Improved circulation

After Marina Schiellerup, the activity coordinator, assists Helene Rasmussen in placing the wheelchair at the proper distance from the exerciser, Helene Rasmussen quickly starts moving her arms and legs.

– I really enjoy it. It’s a terrific method to get moving and increase your blood circulation. It is also a good form of exercise, says Helene Rasmussen. 

On a Combi Bike Plus, you can see how fast and how far you’re pedaling as well as quickly adjust the difficulty. Helene Rasmussen only stresses the need of having the appropriate resistance, which the activity coordinator assists her in setting at four on a scale from 0-9.

Lemco Mobility’s video rehab solution is also available at Montebello, where you can use the Combi Bike Plus in conjunction with a large screen to go for short bike rides in both urban and rural settings. Additionally, Helene Rasmussen appreciates taking in the scenery as it appears on the screen. She also values her maintenance training. And she must keep up her present level of fitness to be in good form for the regular visits from the two daughters.

Helene exercising the Combi Bike Plus at Montebello

Several times every week, Helene Rasmussen uses the Combi Bike Plus. She benefits from the exercise by having increased blood circulation in her legs.