Elderly care

From wheelchair to walker

From wheelchair to walker.
I am travelling everyday. Staying where I am

A happy resident - keeps getting better and better.

Days tend to be alike when staying in a healthcare facility. With the Combi Bike Plus I have regained mobility and I am doing much better than when I arrived 12 months ago.

My children can see it as well. Quite quickly I regained my previous strength and from being bound to a wheelchair, I am now free to walk and enjoy the day.

I never thought it was possible to reverse the loss of mobility. Since I arrived I have been exercising daily, some days alone, some days with other residents or with the assistance from my therapist.

I quickly dropped the wheelchair and I can now walk with just my Walker.

"I could not walk when I came here. With the help of this exerciser and unlimited access to it - I can walk."
Resident ElderlyCare 82 Years old