Yes, from our offices in Denmark we serve the world. Online purchases are sent world-wide.

We have selected resellers in several countries.

Please contact us to be guided to the nearest reseller: info@lemco-mobility.com

We do accept purchase orders from Hospitals, Clinics, Rehabilitation centers. You may upload your Purchase Order here:  (Quote-Request)

We deliver with local vat rates to all European countries, and without VAT to companies and organisations with a valid VAT number. 

We have Hospitals and clinics that want to purchase several units at a time. Please contact us for a Quote. 

We provide a quality solution, made to be used many hours a day for years. We have a design goal of 20.000 hours of use. No maintenance required. If anything is broken, we always find a solution – we are a respectable company. 


As our exercisers are delivered worldwide, we have strived to make them reliable and designed to be used in professional and home environment. 

We strive to design and manufacture so they have a really long life. 

If the exerciser is used in unintended purposes we always find a solution to fix it – even being tens of thousands kilometers away. 

Our BEAT Technology enables our users to pedal over the dead point where other exercisers stop. 

The synchronous arm and leg connection (for the Combi Bike Plus) ensures that the force from the user is stored in the exerciser and returned to the user at the EXACT time where needed to have s smooth movement.

A good feeling that has to be experienced to be understood. 

We are ZERO Emission other than a battery change every 3 to 24 months. The battery price is around 10 Euro and can be purchased locally worldwide. 

Ask for SAFT 14500 AA Lithium Battery (Almost military grade Quality Battery)

Well – Active exercising when possible is always better. When you use your own muscles you stimulate the brain to muscle and nerve connection. 

When exercising at moderate speed, these connections are stimulated 3.600 times in just 30 minutes. A stimulation impossible for any therapist to provide in 30 minutes. 


We deliver world-wide, also to USA. 

Yes, we do accept payment by CreditCard, Bank Transfer, PayPal (Contact us)

We accept signed purchase orders from Hospitals and Rehabilitation Centers and provide a reasonable credit.

We do provide credit for governmental hospitals and clinics having raised a purchase order. 

You can always ask, we are very flexible in general. 

We know how good our exercisers are and we never get them back when first tried. If you have the budget for purchasing – please call us for a dialogue about how you can try it. 

Trials are evaluated case by case. 

Our Pricing is competitively set from the beginning, and we do usually not provide quantity discount for orders of less than 25 pcs. 

We have delivered to UK customers where VAT has not been added and has not been an issue to get the goods VAT exempted. It requires a form to fill out that we add with the goods. 

Our Exercisers are not 100% bulletproof for VT EXPTEMPT – as THEY can also be used for non disabled, but I expect with a a filled out form for VAT Exempt and airfreight it will pass to any VAT Added at arrival. 


Our Exercisers are made for use by Therapies, Hospitals and Clinics, as well as by individuals. 

Both Exercisers can be delivered MDR Compliant later in 2024. MDR is not required as this is not part of medical treatment / Diagnose. 

We provide a 1 year warranty for professional use, for home use we follow the guidelines in each country. 

We are proud to inform that none of our parts cost more than 100 USD Dollars. In the event of a repair it is always affordable. 

For professional use, we provide parts for free for any repair within 2 years from purchase date – except shipping when not abused or misused / Dropped on the floor.

The BedBike attaches to wooden bed-ends, Plastic Bed-Ends, and steel Tubes. 

In the rare event that you do not have neither, contact us for information of how to use it anyway. 

The small wheels with ballbearings on the Combi Bike Plus enables you to displace the exerciser over short distances on even and hard floors. 

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