Life-giving Danish design

Life-giving Danish design

They are far away and you can see them. Combi Bike Plus and Bed Bike from Lemco Mobility have branches with green beech leaves. The graphic designer who drew the leaves informs us of a design that reflects the energy that is also produced by pressing the pedals.

Worldwide solutions with a local touch.

Mette Maulitz, a graphic designer from Elsinore in Denmark, works on everything from book layouts to logo designs and visual identities. She has always painted and sketched, therefore in 2017 she was asked to create the beech leaf branches for Lemco’s mobility exercisers, the Combi Bike Plus and Bed Bike.

The idea for using beech leaves as the main component of the design originated with CEO & Inventor Carsten Lemche.

– Carsten told me that it ought to be something Danish, made of beech leaves, and life-giving. Nothing is more sustaining of life than nature. Then it should be something energizing; if anything, gazing at a freshly sprouted, light-green beech forest energises. The colour light green represents youth, vitality, and energy, she says.

The beech leaves on Combi Bike Plus and Bed Bike were created by graphic designer Mette Maulitz using inspiration from nature.

5.000 years of inspiration

The beech tree has been present in Denmark for 4.000–5.000 years and is the most prevalent deciduous tree there. Typically, the beech blooms from March through April.

– Where there is disease, mobility exercisers are used. A nursing facility can, for instance, have a dark appearance, but the beech leaves add some cheer and positive energy. The leaves are like a breath of fresh air from the outside. They make you feel wonderful just by looking at them since they make you think of being in nature yourself, says Mette Maulitz.

Beginning with a walk through the woods, the beech leaves’ design and inspiration came about. Mette Maulitz is a distinctly outdoor person and scout. On the computer, photographs of beech leaves were then googled.

It was crucial to her that it avoid becoming a copy of a certain leaf, and she also believed it should be as straightforward as possible.

Beech leaves generate a lot of energy, according to CEO and inventor Carsten Lemche of Lemco Mobility.

Made by Mette at Lemco

At Lemco Mobility, where the bikes are also designed and made, on Fabriksvej 3 in Elsinore, the real job of designing the appropriate branches with beech leaves was done over the course of a few days.

– In Carsten’s office, I was working on the design. He enjoys the open dialogue and interaction. In this sense, discussing the design was simple and continual. She recalls the difficulty in striking the ideal balance between the text and branch placement, among other things.

The work with Lemco Mobility has pleased Mette Maulitz, and she would want to see the beech branches extended all the way to poster size.

Everyone is familiar with beech leaves. It is popular, stylistic, and expresses itself graphically. And if you see the beech leaves, you might want to take a walk through the forest and perhaps even pedal through the actual forest, she says.

Mette Maulitz
  • Graphic Designer / Illustrator
  • Owner of Svinget Grafik in Elsinore –
  • Born in 1963 and raised in Elsinore, DK
  • Additionally, she is an artist who does exhibitions in her own house about every other year –
Finn Georg Bald
PR & Communications Consultant