Lemco history

35+ years of passionate Rehab business

Our commitment to making a difference drives us to give our best each day.

In 1990, my father initiated the import and promotion of motorized exercisers for individuals in wheelchairs.

Since then, our passion has centered around empowering those often overlooked, granting them the freedom to move independently.

With the introduction of exercisers featuring BEAT Technology outperforming any electric exerciser, we’ve assisted hundreds of individuals in achieving their important daily exercise goal of 30 minutes, making a positive impact on their well-being.

We are Driven by passion

We Can't stop helping the best we can

For every individual reaching out to us, we are committed to offering personalized guidance and assessing the most suitable exerciser for each person.

We do not recommend purchasing an exerciser if we believe another option would better meet our customer’s needs. We would rather guide you to another company. 

Our motivation stems from the diverse requirements of our customers, and the feedback we receive is invaluable in ensuring we consistently provide the most appropriate solutions.

Proudly made in Denmark

We change peoples life for the better

We take pride in the fact that our solutions seamlessly meet the needs for improving personal mobility of over 90% of people in wheelchair.

Every trial of our exerciser results in a purchase.

While some may assume that a higher price signifies superior quality, we are pleased to offer an exerciser at a fair price point that surpasses others in both cost, quality and performance..

Our exercisers are crafted to enhance muscle strength and mobility using the user’s natural capabilities, avoiding the forced rotation often associated with motor-assisted alternatives.

Our solutions are solely dedicated to aiding users in regaining or maintaining functionality effortlessly, comfortably, and at their own pace sustained by our revolutionary BEAT Technology.