35+ years of passionate business

Our passion to help is what motivates us to perform our best everyday. 

My father started importing and promoting exercisers with a motor for people in wheelchairs in 1990, since then we have been passionate about helping people who tend to be neglected the right to move independently.

Since the introduction of exercisers with BEAT Technology we have helped hundreds of people to be able to exercise the important 30 minutes a day. 

Driven by passion

We Can't stop helping

For every person who contacts us, we strive to provide personal advice, and evaluate which exerciser is the right for each individual. 

We do not advice to purchase an exerciser if we know something else is a better fit for our customer. 

We are always inspired by our customers various needs, and the feedback we get is important to ensure we are always delivering the right solution for the job. 

Proudly made in Denmark

We change peoples life for the better

We are proud that our solutions work perfectly with over 99% of our customers. Whenever the exerciser is tried, it is purchased. 

We know that some people might think, that a higher price equals higher quality.  We are proud to have invented an exerciser in a fair price range, that outperforms all other exercisers in both cost and quality. 

Our exercisers are designed to assist in maintaining muscle strength and improving mobility with the users own capabilities instead of a forced rotation which often accures with motor assisted exercisers. The sole purpose of the solutions we provide, is to help the user regain or maintain their functionality, easily, comfortably, and at their own pace.