Home Use

read Our users experiences, using our exercisers at home

We have many users who have previously used one of our exceptional exercisers in the hospital or at rehabilitation, and just had to get one for their own home. Here are some wonderful stories from home users.

Resistance is positive

After a lengthy career in farming, farmer Bent Vange Nielsen has logged many miles on his feet. Following a stroke last year, he now carefully monitors the mileage on his Combi Bike Plus.

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Combi Bike Plus keeps him moving

Niels Søren Hundborg enjoys going on everyday walks. The walks were jeopardized at one point because he grew shaky on his feet and fell. However, exercising on a Combi Bike Plus allows him to stroll on the beach and through the woods with confidence.

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Cerebral Palsy CP

Kim has been in a wheelchair for many years. He has developed a Diabetes due to inactivity. No exerciser has been able to provide Kim the needed 30 minutes daily exercise until now.

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