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How to Exercise with one leg ?

A true story of how to stay fit – even if amputated

Amputees can exercise

An exerciser designed for one leg use

I have been amputated due to an injury for 3 years In the frist year, I gained 20 kg. It cam out of nowhere and my second leg is was also at risk for amputation. Since I started with daily exercises on the Combi Bike Plus – My doctor tells me I am reducing my risk of amputation on my second leg.

Reduce risk of amputation with easy to use exerciser. The BEAT Technology ensures I can exercise like if I had two working legs. The movement is extremely smooth, nothing like any other machine I have tried. I am exercising 30 minutes per day and it is a positive break in my daily activities, which have been considerably reduced since my injury.

"It really works! "
Peter H
Amputee for 3 years
One leg exerciser for amputee