Elderly care

Journeys from within a wheelchair

Journeys from a wheelchair

Four times a week we exercise for 30 minutes and we love it.

Six elderly enjoying exercising together in an elderly care center. 

I have been using the fitness activities since my sixties. I don´t want to miss the benefits – just because I need daily assistance. 

We have fun five days a week, and I am stronger for every week I am here.

I fell at home, since my husband died my daily tours have decreased and at the end I fell and broke my hip. Now I am in this elderly care center and have regained a lot of force, due to the activities and facilities they provide.

I love my daily exercise.

"I love to re-experience the joy and benefits of exercising - feeling my body becomes stronger and stronger for every week I exercise excites me and I reduce the risk of injury and risk of falling."
For Anna Petersen, 87
Former School Teacher