Manuped re-invented by Lemco Mobility in Denmark

aina wilfak inventor of manuped

Manuped invented in Lund, Sweden in 1964 - Reinvented in Denmark

Aina Lucia Wifalk, a polio-stricken creative inventor from Lund, Sweden, reimagines the modern rollator and introduces the first-ever "manuped."

In 2017, not far from Lund, Lemco Mobility in Helsingør, Denmark, invented and introduced the  groundbreaking manuped that stands out for its remarkable improvements and optimizations compared to existing manupeds available anywhere.

Aina Lucia Wifalk Invents the Manuped and Rollator

Inventor and visionary Aina Lucia Wifalk was born in Lund, Sweden, in 1928. The original manuped was conceived merely 62 kilometers away from Lemco Mobility, situated on the other side of the Øresund strait.

Aina Lucia Wifalk began her journey in the field of nursing in Lund. However, at the age of 21 in 1949, she was forced to leave her studies when she was struck by polio, a dreaded disease at the time, commonly known as infantile paralysis.

Despite her own physical challenges, Aina Lucia Wifalk pursued a career as a healthcare assistant in Västerås Municipality and played a vital role in founding a club for physically disabled individuals in her hometown of Lund in 1952. She dedicated herself to the cause of assisting people with disabilities.

In 1958, she founded an association for patients with multiple sclerosis in the Västmanland region, followed by the establishment of the National Association for Traffic and Polio-Injured Individuals in Västerås in 1968.

Aina Lucia Wifalk, Inventor and visionary

After undergoing a career change, she first worked as an advisor in the orthopedic surgery department at Västerås Hospital, and later as a disability advisor.

In the 1960s, Aina Lucia Wifalk’s inventiveness was ignited, leading to the creation of an exercise tool known as the manuped, which allowed arm and leg training from a wheelchair. This manuped was introduced to the public in 1965 and became a staple in rehabilitation and care centers across the Nordic region. 

Even today, you can find original manupeds from 1965 in some care facilities, slowly being replaced by modern manupeds from Lemco Mobility in Helsingør.

aina wilfak inventor of manuped

Aina Wifalk invented the rollator in 1976​

In 1976, due to worn-out shoulders from using crutches for 25 years, Aina Lucia Wifalk took early retirement. In 1978, she invented the rollator, which went into production after three years. She had observed that the four-legged walking aids and the first rollator from England did not meet the requirements of a "comfortable walking aid." Consequently, she set out to create a better version herself.

Aina Wifalk enhanced the rollator’s frame for stability, added larger wheels and brakes, as well as a storage/seating area for short breaks during walks. She optimized the rollator for use both indoors and outdoors. In 1978, she also introduced the first prototype for a walking aid, which later became mass-produced.

Aina Wifalk wanted Rollators to be as widely accessible as possible

Remarkably, Aina Lucia Wifalk chose not to patent her rollator invention, as her goal was to make it as widely accessible as possible.

Aina Lucia Wifalk Rejects Stigmatization

Aina Lucia Wifalk had personally experienced how society’s reactions could stigmatize those with mobility challenges or physical disabilities. A few years before her passing at the age of 55 in 1983, she told Vestmanlands Läns Tidning:

“They don’t say ‘the healthy.’ We are individuals, not a gray mass.”

Focusing on recognizing the individual rather than the illness and aiding people in achieving better mobility through physical activity and training has been a guiding principle for Lemco Mobility in Helsingør.

Manuped - Re-invented by Lemco Mobility

In the spirit of Aina Lucia Wifalk, Lemco Mobility introduced the Combi Bike Plus in 2017 after 4 years of designing, optimising,  testing and developing . 

Our innovation aims to provide easy, comfortable, and highly effective mobility solutions. Users of manupeds prior to the Combi Bike Plus often experienced erratic and uncomfortable movement during training, reinforcing the notion of a handicap with every half turn. 

The Combi Bike Plus, on the other hand, offers a significantly more comfortable and therefore more effective training experience, encouraging longer and more frequent use.

Lemco Mobility invents the perfect manuped

Carsten Lemche, CEO, and the inventor of the Combi Bike Plus, has developed the ideal manuped or mobility trainer/exercise bike for wheelchair users and individuals with mobility challenges. Using this trainer helps elevate heart rate, stimulates blood circulation, and enhances muscle strength, contributing to improved mobility.

The manuped functions as a rehabilitation bike, stimulating neuroplasticity in individuals with injuries or chronic conditions such as strokes, brain hemorrhages, traffic injuries, and diseases that affect personal mobility.

Before considering the use of a rollator, it is often advisable to assess whether maintaining functional mobility through training is a viable option. 

Choosing between training and the use of an aid is always a decision that depends on personal circumstances. 

Training is frequently the better investment, bringing numerous additional benefits.

Everything You Need in One Place


The Modern Manuped made in Denmark

The Modern Manuped excels in the following

  • Exercise your legs and arms while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.
  • Use BEAT Technology (Body Energy Accumulating Technology) to train even with limited or no leg strength.
  • Enjoy a silent, vibration-free, and smooth pedal motion.
  • Easily adjust resistance on a scale from 0 to 9.
  • Monitor your speed and distance on the display within a specified time frame.
  • Train actively with a compact and stable manuped that doesn’t require electricity.
  • Conveniently train and rehabilitate at home as a supplement to public physiotherapy.

Competitively priced compared to outdated Manuped models

Despite being the best manuped on the market, the Combi Bike Plus is priced competitively, making it a cost-effective choice when compared to traditional exercise bikes and outdated manupeds.

The article about Aina Wifalk and the Manuped.

The historical information in this article about the Manuped’s history was sourced from Wikipedia,, and Lemco Mobility

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