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Perfect and good looking mobility exerciser for elderly


Perfect and Good Looking mobility exerciser for the elderly

Exercise using Combi Bike Plus from Lemco Mobility contributes to good physical and mental well-being among the residents of Friplejehjemmet Lillebælt, DK.

Fænøsund is not far from Friplejehjemmet Lillebælt. The nursing home has three wings that accommodates the 40 residents.

Since there is no exercise room, Combi Bike Plus is located at the end of each wing so that residents can use it while enjoying the stunning view of the strait. If a resident wishes to exercise in the comfort of their own home, we’ll simply roll it over to them, says Activity and Volunteer Coordinator Lone Kragh.

Best motivated at home

The Combi Bike Plus enables the residents to get the recommended 30 minutes of exercise each day, which is otherwise challenging when, for instance, you are in a wheelchair. Circular movements can be made in a synchronous 360-degree fashion using the hands and feet. Whereas on conventional exercisers  you suffer uneven motions, the BEAT-Technology offers the user an even thread in the pedals. 

Even elderly suffering from conditions like paralysis, dementia, and parkinson can use the mobility exerciser. You can easily keep track of distance, time, and speed on the display, and you can adjust the resistance on a scale from 0 to 9.

– Combi Bike Plus exercising benefits the residents’ physical and mental health, says Lone Kragh. How and how often the residents use it is determined by individual preferences.

– We currently have a gentleman, who uses it as much as possible every day for a quarter of an hour due to his swollen legs, says Lone Kragh.

Edema affects the legs of many senior residents in nursing homes, and Lemco Mobility, which develops mobility exercisers especially for the healthcare sector, has found that the Combi Bike Plus alleviates the challenge with edemas.

– We moved the Combi Bike Plus into his apartment because he was one of the residents who like to exercise at home. It motivates him to exercise with Combi Bike Plus if he can watch television. Some of our residents were previously accustomed to working out in a gym or at home while simultaneously watching television, says Lone Kragh.

Exerciser that serves many purposes

It is easy to use and access Combi Bike Plus. According to Lone Kragh, many residents have dementia and there are many who, due to a reduced level of physical ability, can’t get to the mobility exerciser. Lone Kragh and her colleagues therefore helps the resident getting started. In addition to edemas, the mobility exerciser is good for rehabilitation after surgery, or for losing weight and to maintain muscle strength.

– Another resident focuses on building up his arm strength, therefore he uses the Combi Bike Plus mainly for this, says Lone Kragh.

The nursing home offers its residents additional opportunities for exercise, such as chair gymnastics, memory dance, chair yoga, and outside biking and walking. Furthermore, the nursing home hosts regular visits from physiotherapists who use Combi Bike Plus during their sessions with residents.

Combi Bike Plus exerciser is very useful

Lone Kragh thinks that the Combi Bike Plus is well thought out

– It’s great that you can adjust the resistance to the level you want to exercise at. I’ve also seen individuals who track how many kilometres they ride – competition is another motivator, says Lone Kragh and continues: 

– The Combi Bike Plus has the advantage of allowing you to exercise your arms and legs while seated in a chair or wheelchair. Our target group benefits from using it. The fact that it can then be moved around to meet the demands of the residents is quite significant.

Danish design that brings joy for our residents

The Combi Bike Plus’s design is also very successful in Lone Kragh’s eyes.

– Combi Bike Plus is compact and stylish. It is not as clumsy and training-like as larger exercise bikes. The residents have to look at it every day, and I wouldn’t mind having this exerciser in my own house, says Lone Kragh.

Combi Bike Plus at Lillebælt, Nursing Home, Denmark

With the Combi Bike Plus you can exercise both your arms and legs while seated comfortably in a chair or wheelchair.

Our target group of elderly residents benefits from using it, says Activity and Volunteer Coordinator Lone Kragh. Resident Arne Ravnbæk exercises with Combi Bike Plus.

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