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Muscular Dystrophy

Muscular Dystrophy

Reducing muscle loss and improving quality of life

How I Stopped Muscle Loss

I did not think I could do it !

I just did it ! From the minute I tried it I knew I had to have one at home.

The feeling was just right for me. It felt like walking – even if it is 10 years ago I walked. 

My friends could not understand why I spent +2.000 Euro on this exerciser. They all walk on their legs – people who can walk can´t understand the Quality Of Life of being able to move – even when I don’t walk.

"Being a wheelchair user for may years, and experiencing less and less strength and more and more dependance on help... The price is nothing compared to the benefits of this exerciser. I highly recommend it"
Christian 41 years old
Muscular dystrophy
Combi Bike Plus