Hospice leg exerciser combi bike plus

We increase mobility

We have already helped thousands

We strive everyday to be the support and gentle push for our clients, so more people can stay or become more independant – and get more happiness in their life. 

We have created a collection of performant mobility exercisers designed in Denmark, made to be used while sitting in chair/wheelchair or from within a hospital bed. 

This enables people who would otherwise loose more and more mobility, to increase their mobility by performing adapted physical exercise.

Our work

Perfection is achieved with focus and Creativity

Four years of development and testing towards perfection have lead to the unique user-friendly and performant exercisers we provide today.

During our 30 years of experience we have gained in-depth knowledge about our users and their various needs. Our aim is to be able to help everyone in need of increased mobility with our revolutionary exercisers. It has been a long journey when aiming for perfection. 

We are very proud to present our mobility exercisers, and being able to deliver the perfect solution for beds and chair use. We are dedicated to ease of use designed for patients who want to experience the benefits of moving their body.

We are looking forward to help you.

Making a difference

Our Exercisers Make a huge impact worldWide.

We have happy customers from Greenland to Australia and from USA to Romania. 

We are happy that our customers find our solutions so unique, that they are happy to get it sent from Denmark to their home or clinic. 

We are ready to increase your quality of life, or for someone that you care about.  

We design our exercisers in excellent quality so they are affordable and durable. 

Our DesignGoal for durability of mechanical parts is 20.000 Hours of use which equals to 6 hours / day for 10 years.

The Lemco Way

We provide solutions no one else can offer

Thirty years of experience in the field, has made it possible for us to design the two perfect exercisers. One for use in a Hospital Bed and the other to be used from a chair / WheelChair. 

You might think that you have seen similar, but our clients always exclaims that they never thought it would feel so good – just from hearing what we have made. 

At any time you may return the exerciser and we refund the price minus shipping and 200 Euro / month. 

Please contact us for 1:1 Free Online Call, and we can quickly evaluate if this is the right exerciser for you. 

Quality and Performance

best quality and Best user experience.

Knowing and understanding the need, necessity and health benefits of being able to move, has made us experts in mobility. 

Every time we discover a new need, we strive to find the best solution. We have a staggering 99% success rate for any user with a disability that tries the Combi Bike Plus. 

We would love for you to join our movement towards more mobility for each indvidual – no matter what disability.