Diseases & Injuries, Home use, Paraplegia


Exerciser for paraplegic

Designed to be used even with no force in the legs.

Until now therapists and injured people have thought a motor was required to make the legs move in an exerciser. We have invented a technology that enables – even people with 100% Paralysed legs to exercise actively. 

If you have little force, you may use just what you can and our BEAT Technology takes over where you need it in order to have super smooth and satisfying and healthy movement. This eneables you to exercise 30 minutes. Our customers can exercise with their ordinary clothes on and change resistance as they increase their muscles. 

Within 30 minutes at 12 km/h ( apps one rotation per second ) you can perform 3600 bends and stretches of your legs and arms – In just 30 minutes. 

At even movement your brain tries to communicate with your muscles and stimulates the communication. Many times more than possible by a therapist in 30 minutes. 

"It really works! - it feels super smooth"
Anders M
Paraplegic for 19 years