You are safe with us

Bank Transfer

For Hospitals, Nursing homes, Clinics and government institutions we are able to provide credit (please contact us for approval) 

We do accept purchase orders. You may send your purchase order to:


When purchasing by creditcard, you are guaranteed delivery from the “bank”. If the product is not delivered (it will be) you can get a refund from the bank. 

We accept major creditcards and bank transfers. Please contact us for Paypal payments. 

Security for our customers

Safety garanteed with every purchase

Return and pay per month

In the unlikely event you don’t need or can use the exerciser we sent you, you may return it for a full credit at any time, and we will refund you the purchase price minus freight, customs, and 200 euro per month. 

Get help !

We have a staggering 99% success rate, and because of our 30 years of experience, we can evaluate over the phone if this exerciser will work for you. Please contact us for an online demonstration. 

General questions

Due to your size, it might be difficult. The exerciser works perfectly for people from 1.60 to 2 meter. 

The Combi Bike Plus works for people above 2 meter. 

The rated weight is 120 kg. Because we need to test for reliability with double the weight it is rated for we test with upto 240 kg. That means that if you weight 140 kg the exeriser will work, but we have not testet expected misuse ( standing instead of siting in a chair) with 280 kg. 

We don’t accept check. We are a modern company and needs the payment transferred electronically. 

We usually ship our exercisers within a few days. Lead time depends on the choice for shipping. Sea and road is longer than air but less expensive. 

We are always flexible for customers who needs the exercisers quickly. Please contact us for assistance.