Sales Policy

for the combi bike plus and the bedBike


Direct delivery to individuals worldwide

We have many resellers in various countries around the world from which you can purchase.

Please contact us for a reseller in your area. 


Professional use

Direct delivery to Hospitals, Therapies and Clinics worldwide. 

Professionals worldwide purchases our exercisers because they are renowned to be the best and extremely reliable.

They outperform all other exercisers available world-wide – at any price.

Sales Policy

Flatpacked or assembled ?

Fully Assembled

Ready to use within 5 minutes 

The BedBike is delivered assembled ready to use. Our Combi Bike can be selected to be delivered assembled or flatpacked. 

Flat Packed

8 Screws and you are ready to exercise

We can pack it for cheapest possible freight cost when sent by air over long distances. 

Just mount the pedals, handles and the two feet and you are ready to exercise. 

General questions

Yes, we have customers worldwide, including USA !

Our exercisers are build to last. Our design goal is 20.000 hours ( 6 hours, 7 days a week for 10 years) If anything goes wrong in that period we always assist to repair. 

We design our own parts and they are made with high precision. 

Parts for repair should not exceed 100 USD plus time and shipping. Often it can be repaired locally guided by our qualified personel. 

Yes, we accept bank transfers, Purchase order for government inst. and payment by creditcard. 

Please contact us for PayPal payment. 

We have an extremely high success rate for many diseases and injuries. Feel free to get a free call and we can evaluate if it will work with more than 97% probability.