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Sclerosis demands her to exercise daily with Combi Bike Plus

Sclerosis Demands Dorte To Exercise With Combi Bike Plus

Dorte finds exercising exciting. But it's exercising with a Lemco Mobility Combi Bike Plus that keeps Dorte Jensen in shape after two decades with multiple sclerosis.

She has a great solution in her residence. More on that later.

Dorte Jensen, 53, lives in Nivå, Denmark, with her boyfriend. Two decades ago, she was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis.

– It started when I suddenly couldn’t run, and I also found it harder and harder to walk, tells Dorte Jensen.

Then came a trip to the neurologist and an MR-scan. It was discovered that she had multiple sclerosis, a disease that destroys nerve cells. Messages from the brain to the body are disturbed, and the body deteriorates. The symptoms can include sensory abnormalities, paralysis, and cognitive symptoms such as difficulties concentrating.

Physical flaws

Most people get so-called disease attacks. Others eventually deteriorate. Dorte Jensen is one of them who is gradually deteriorating.

– I started with a cane, then a walker, and now I’m moving around in an electric wheelchair that I’ve had for about 2 1/2 years, she says.

Dorte Jensen began her career at an office, but as her strength began to fail her, she was forced to retire early in 2006.

– Many people have cognitive issues, which makes it difficult to keep track of things. In my situation, it’s been physical challenges, she says. Dorte Jensen has experimented with many “solutions” to improve her physical abilities  throughout the years. She became interested in Combi Bike Plus in 2021.

– At a physiotherapist, I tried out a Combi Bike Plus. It was surprisingly appealing, and I quickly realized that being able to exercise with it at home would be a clever option. It could provide me with training and exercise that I wouldn’t otherwise get at the clinic, says Dorte Jensen.

Transfers are made easier

She’d gotten one by the end of the year. 

– It feels good to be doing something active instead of just  sitting in this wheelchair. I can exercise and strengthen my legs. Because of my training with the Combi Bike Plus, I can now walk a little in a walker at my physiotherapist. My transfers have also become easier, she says. It has gotten easier for her, for example, to go for a drive with her boyfriend.

– The training has made a significant effect. Even if they are modest scales. But the fact that I can move about and reach out and grab things means a lot to me. It implies a lot for the body that you utilize both your arms and legs and thereby train practically all muscles, she explains.

She uses her Combi Bike Plus literally every day and has ridden 1.800 km in a half year.

It becomes worse if I don't exercise

Her desire to avoid the disease deteriorating her condition is what drives her to continue the training.

– My attention is on the exercise. I also need the additional training at home as I only visit the gym twice per week. I don’t have to just slouch about in the chair all day. If I did, things would swiftly become worse until I am helpless, she says.

Exercising during Tour de France

Dorte Jensen’s boyfriend set up her Combi Bike Plus so she could exercise while also watching Jonas Vingegaard bike to victory on the French backroads during the Tour de France.

– My family has also noticed that I now find some tasks to be simpler. They also find it cool that I can inspire myself to “ride” the Combi Bike Plus, says Dorte Jensen. She advises those with multiple sclerosis to follow her example.

I would without a doubt advise people with sclerosis to use Combi Bike Plus. It’s beneficial to have the option to exercise at home when you don’t have many possibilities to get outside and exercise, says Dorte Jensen.

Epilogue with a broken tibia

Dorte Jensen broke her right tibia six weeks before Lemco Mobility interviewed her about her experiences with the Combi Bike Plus.

A physiotherapist later came to see her, and when the therapist saw the Combi Bike Plus for the first time, she immediately suggested it for recovery. Dorte Jensen had knee edema, but the Combi Bike Plus workouts also assist with that.

– I’ve noticed a difference in how much swelling there was at first and how quickly it disappeared again, she says.

At home, Dorte Jensen exercising with Combi Bike Plus

Dorte Jensen (MS) with her Combi Bike Plus exerciser. Doing her routine exercise

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