Combi Bike Plus

Our Combi Bike Plus stands out as the optimal exerciser for enhancing life quality amid mobility challenges. A significant number of individuals with chronic diseases often fall short of recommended exercise levels. Our Combi Bike Plus addresses this by in an easy way facilitating crucial repetitions to stimulate neuroplasticity, surpassing the effectiveness of electric exercisers. We offer a global "rental" option, customers can purchase the exerciser, return it at any time, and receive a refund, deducting only 200 Euro/month as the rental fee on the purchasing price excl. shipping. Returns are accepted with no questions asked.

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BedBike – Exerciser

Our BedBike exerciser, designed exclusively for in-bed rehabilitation, early mobilization and reduction of muscle loss during short / longterm hospital stay, stands as the world’s sole offering of its kind, currently used globally. Renowned for its superior quality and user-friendly design, this exerciser serves as an ideal solution for mitigating muscle loss during hospital stays and minimizing side effects associated with prolonged bed confinement. Its application extends to dialysis, where it has proven to deliver significant benefits for users.

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