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Benefits of Anti-Tip Functionality:

  1. Stability and Safety: One of the most significant advantages of our anti-tip feature is the enhanced stability it provides during exercise. Wheelchair users often face the risk of tipping forward while using traditional exercise equipment. With our Combi Bike Plus, you can exercise with peace of mind, knowing that the anti-tip feature will prevent the front wheels of your wheelchair from lifting off the ground. The need for anti-tip depends on the weight balance of your wheelchair. Most customers don´t need this anti-tip add-on.
  2. Reduced Risk of Injury: Accidents and falls can lead to serious injuries, especially for individuals with limited mobility. By eliminating the risk of tipping, our anti-tip feature significantly reduces the chances of accidents during your workout sessions. This added safety feature allows you to focus on your fitness goals without worry.
  3. Greater Range of Motion: The anti-tip functionality not only enhances safety but also improves the overall exercise experience. With the front wheels securely planted, you can engage in a harder and stronger exercises without concerns about balance or stability. This freedom of movement ensures a more effective and enjoyable workout.
  4. Independence and Confidence: Exercising independently is crucial for maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Our anti-tip feature empowers you to take charge of your fitness routine without needing assistance from staff. This boost in self-reliance contributes to increased confidence and a sense of achievement.

In conclusion, the anti-tip feature of our Combi Bike Plus recumbent exerciser offers numerous benefits, including enhanced stability, reduced injury risk, greater independence, and customized workout options.

We are committed to providing a safe and effective exercise solution for individuals with mobility challenges, ensuring a better quality of life through fitness and well-being.

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