Nylatex Band for Fixation of Legs



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Nylatex Band for Fixation of Legs During Exercise with Recumbent Exerciser from Wheelchair

The Nylatex Band is a perfect solution for individuals with paralyzed legs who want to exercise with a recumbent exerciser from a wheelchair.

Made from durable and stretchy Nylatex material with velcro on the full top surface, the band provides a comfortable and secure fit, ensuring that the legs are properly kept together during exercise.

The band is easy to use and adjust, and it can be used with most types of recumbent exercisers for leg fixation.

With the Nylatex Band, individuals with paralyzed legs can safely and effectively exercise to improve their overall health and well-being often without the need of difficult to use leg support usually used on such exercisers.

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120cm-Large, 90cm. Small

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