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The BedBike exerciser for in bed rehabilitation and for early mobilisation is the only one in the world. Already in use world wide. 

The ease of use makes this exerciser the perfect solution to reduce muscle loss during hospital stay, and reduce side effects from being in confined to a bed for short or longer periods.

Ready for shipping world-wide!

More Information
The BedBike enables you to stay active when hospitalised, even when confined to a hospitalbed.
Daily exercises reduces the rehabilitation period and the risk of additional injury is reduced as well. The exerciser helps to achieve early mobilisation. Individuals, nurses and doctors all over the world choose our bed exerciser because of the ease of use and quick results. 
The BedBike exercisers are demanded by patients in various Hospital departments, Physiotherapies, Nursing homes and at home, etc.
The exerciser enables therapists to provide adapted physical therapy to several patients at a time, without the need of 1:1 sessions, and thus being able to use their resources where most required.
Our BedBikes are >99% Recycleable.
Shipping Size & Weight
Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 40 cm

1 piece, 10 Pack, 25 Pack, MDR 1 piece, MDR 10 Pack, MDR 25 Pack


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  1. Radu Alexandru

    Regarding the acquisition procees:
    one of the best experiences I’ve had in 18 years since I’ve been a buyer. From understanding the urgency, we had, explaining and identifying our needs to shipping from Denmark on Friday and receiving the package next Monday in Romania everything worked perfect!

    Regarding the product:
    high quality materials, easy to use and the results of exercising are being felt immediately

    Well done, Mr. Lemche. Great team you have there. And absolutely great product! Keep up the good work! And a big thank you from us!

    • Carsten Lemche

      Dear Radu,

      Thank you for your kind words. We know that when hospitalised and desperately need to reduce muscleless quick delivery is crucial. Thank you for your review and your conclusion that we have made a great solution to reduce muscleless during hospital stay.

      Best regards

      Carsten Lemche, ceo

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Shipping & Delivery information.

Our exercisers are shipped world-wide.

Our BedBikes are typically shipped by air. We are always trying to find the best shipping route to fit our clients needs. Some needs it fast and accept the higher price by air, some want the lowest shipping price and can accept the delay shipping by sea takes.

In Europe most of the shipping is provided by road, and the delivery varies from 2 days to around 7 days.

Feel free to call us or to send us an email and we can provide a specific quote for the quantity and destination. 

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