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Daily exercises not only shorten rehabilitation periods but also minimize the risk of additional injuries.

Its contribution to early mobilization has made it a preferred choice for individuals, nurses, and doctors worldwide due to its user-friendly design and prompt results.

The BedBike is sought after in various healthcare settings, including hospitals, physiotherapies, nursing homes, and home use.

Additionally, it allows therapists to efficiently administer physical therapy to multiple patients simultaneously, optimizing resource allocation.

Moreover, our BedBikes are over 99% recyclable, underlining our commitment to sustainability.

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Weight 10 kg
Dimensions 50 × 40 × 40 cm

1 piece, 10 Pack, 25 Pack, MDR 1 piece, MDR 10 Pack, MDR 25 Pack

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Our exercisers are shipped world-wide. 

Our BedBikes are typically shipped by air. We are always trying to find the best shipping route to fit our clients needs. Some needs it fast and accept the higher price by air, some want the lowest shipping price and can accept the delay shipping by sea takes.

In Europe most of the shipping is provided by road, and the delivery varies from 2 days to around 7 days.

Feel free to call us or to send us an email and we can provide a specific quote for the quantity and destination. 

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BEAT Light Technology

Discover the Unmatched Superiority of BEAT Technology by Lemco Mobility

Are you ready to experience in bed exercise like never before?

Look no further than BEAT Light Technology from Lemco Mobility, enables bedridden to exercise with ease.

Let's dive into why BEAT Technology is the undisputed champion when compared to traditional motorized exercise equipment.

Beat Light Technology is perfect for anyone with ability to voluntarily move the legs - even with a very little muscle capacity.

Exercising with BEAT Technology is the perfect companion for rehabilitation in bed and early rehabilitation.

1. Seamless User Experience for All

BEAT Light Technology shines with its unmatched ease of use. Featuring an ultra-intuitive interface, it demands minimal effort to kickstart your rehabilitation journey. Whether you need to stay in bed for a short or long period, BEAT Technology welcomes you with open arms. Say goodbye to complex controls and cumbersome adjustments that often accompany motorized machines. The smooth movement is impossible to imagine without having tried. 

2. Embrace Fluidity, Banish Jerkiness:

Bid farewell to those uncomfortable jerky movements that haunt people exercising in bed with exercisers made to be used on the floor. No other exerciser is made to be used in bed and attached to the bed.

BEAT Technology guarantees a movement of pure fluidity, making it the ideal choice for individuals facing various mobility challenges, including those dealing with conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In contrast, traditional motorized exercise machines simply can't match the unparalleled smoothness that BEAT Technology offers.

3. Precision-Packed Energy Release:

BEAT Technology's precision in energy release is where the magic happens. The energy of one leg is passed on to the other legs, ensuring a smooth movement. The energy is seamless released to help the leg passing the "dead" point where other exercisers stop, the BedBike moves on.

4. Unrivaled Comfort, Unforgettable Workouts:

In conclusion why BEAT Technology outperforms exercising with a motor:

BEAT Technology from Lemco Mobility isn't just an exercise solution; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Experience the future of fitness in bed and quicker rehabilitation and transform your well-being. Don't settle for less when you can have the best.

Choose BEAT Technology today, and reduce muscle loss during stay in bed, and increase your mobility.

Extended product information

We encourage you to click and explore the detailed information to gain a deeper insight into why this solution is the preferred exerciser for early mobilisation.

2 reviews for BedBike – Exerciser for Hospital Beds

  1. Cedric Daré

    While conducting global research on pedal systems suitable for hospital beds, I had the opportunity to discover the company LEMCO, and I quickly embraced their solutions. Initially, we conducted a two-month trial of their equipment, and the feedback from both patients and nurses was exceptional.

    To the extent that patients fought to use the pedal system.

    The ease of placing on the bed, weight, finish, usability, and space-saving attributes of this bed pedal exerciser makes it an excellent device for engaging in adapted physical activity, appropriate to one’s health condition, while being hospitalized.

    We are a healthcare institution specializing in the care of chronic kidney disease patients, specifically in dialysis.

    Our patients undergo dialysis sessions three times a week, and some of them engage in pedaling during each session. The benefits of such a product are undeniable.

    I strongly recommend


    • Carsten Lemche

      Dear Mr. Daré,

      Thank you very much for your review. As the inventor and manufacturer of this exerciser for hospital beds and for Dialysis Chairs, I am really pleased that you are fond of our solution.

      Best regards

      LEMCHE Carsten, ceo

  2. Radu Alexandru

    Regarding the acquisition procees:
    one of the best experiences I’ve had in 18 years since I’ve been a buyer. From understanding the urgency, we had, explaining and identifying our needs to shipping from Denmark on Friday and receiving the package next Monday in Romania everything worked perfect!

    Regarding the product:
    high quality materials, easy to use and the results of exercising are being felt immediately

    Well done, Mr. Lemche. Great team you have there. And absolutely great product! Keep up the good work! And a big thank you from us!

    • Carsten Lemche

      Dear Radu,

      Thank you for your kind words. We know that when hospitalised and desperately need to reduce muscle-loss quick delivery is crucial.

      Thank you for your review and your conclusion that we have made a great solution to reduce muscleloss during hospital stay.

      Best regards

      Carsten Lemche, ceo

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