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Combi Bike Plus is the best exerciser for rehabilitation.

Performance, ease of use and durability has been key focus areas during the development.

Using the exerciser is extremely intuitive, the design is clean and fit into both rehabilitation centers and at home.

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Weight 38 kg
Dimensions 120 × 80 × 110 cm

Standard With Velcro, Without Velcro, With Leg Support & Velcro, MDR Standard With Velcro, MDR Without Velcro, MDR Leg Support & Velcro

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Our BedBikes are typically shipped by air. We are always trying to find the best shipping route to fit our clients needs. Some needs it fast and accept the higher price by air, some want the lowest shipping price and can accept the delay shipping by sea takes.

In Europe most of the shipping is provided by road, and the delivery varies from 2 days to around 7 days.

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Active versus passive training: Why choose active - For quicker rehabilitation ?

Training with a motor during rehabilitation can have certain disadvantages, and it is therefore not always advisable to do so. Here are some reasons why using a motor during rehabilitation may be impractical:

Lack of Active Participation:

When a motor assists with movements, it can reduce the active involvement of the individual undergoing rehabilitation. This can result in reduced muscle activity and a decrease in the training of necessary motor skills.

Nervous system is not stimulated:

Rehabilitation often aims to regain force and functional skills. When training with a motor, the communication between brain, arms / legs and muscles/ nerves is not stimulated. "Training" passively with a motor is "just" movement.

Reduced Sensory Feedback:

When a motor assists with movements, it diminishes the natural sensory feedback that is crucial for fine-tuning movements and maintaining body awareness. This can make it more challenging to develop precision, control, and balance during rehabilitation.

Potential Dependence:

if an individual becomes overly reliant on motorized assistance during rehabilitation, it can lead to a prolonged dependence and delay or limit the achievement of independence and functional recovery.

It is essential to emphasize that the use of motorized training can be relevant and beneficial in certain cases and under the supervision of qualified healthcare professionals. Our experience is that use of a motor for rehabilitation is only needed in about 5% where absolutely no voluntary movement is possible.

However, it is important to assess individual needs and goals for rehabilitation and tailor the training to promote active participation and functional recovery.

BEAT Technology Explained

Discover the Unmatched Superiority of BEAT Technology by Lemco Mobility

Are you ready to experience exercise like never before?

Look no further than BEAT Technology from Lemco Mobility, the epitome of innovation for elderly and disabled.

Let's dive into why BEAT Technology is the undisputed champion when compared to traditional motorized exercise equipment.

Synchronised movement of arms and legs. Beat technology is perfect for anyone with ability to volontarely move one limb or more. Exercising with BEAT Technology is the perfect companion for rehabilitation use.

1. Seamless User Experience for All

BEAT Technology shines with its unmatched ease of use. Featuring an ultra-intuitive interface, it demands minimal effort to kickstart your rehabilitation journey. Whether you're a person in a wheelchair or an individual with limited or no walking distance due to disability, BEAT Technology welcomes you with open arms. Say goodbye to complex controls and cumbersome adjustments that often accompany motorized machines.

2. Embrace Fluidity, Banish Jerkiness:

Bid farewell to those uncomfortable jerky movements that haunt people with paralysis rehabilitation from stroke and more.

BEAT Technology guarantees a journey of pure fluidity, making it the ideal choice for individuals facing various mobility challenges, including those dealing with conditions like Multiple Sclerosis (MS). In contrast, traditional motorized exercise machines simply can't match the unparalleled smoothness that BEAT Technology offers.

3. Precision-Packed Energy Release:

BEAT Technology's precision in energy release is where the magic happens. It adapts to your pace and unique needs. With BEAT Technology, it's not just possible; it's the norm. This exercise is a game-changer, especially for those with varying levels of physical ability. Traditional motorized machines, on the other hand, offer a one-size-fits-all approach that falls short in comparison.

4. Unrivaled Comfort, Unforgettable Workouts:

Prepare to revel in the lap of exercise luxury. BEAT Technology's smooth and precise energy release elevates comfort to new heights, ensuring each workout is a  joy. For individuals battling discomfort or fatigue, such as those with limited mobility or no walking distance due to disability, BEAT Technology stands as an oasis in the fitness desert. Say hello to a rehabilitation  experience that's both pleasurable and effective.

In conclusion why BEAT Technology outperforms exercising with a motor:

BEAT Technology from Lemco Mobility isn't just an exercise solution; it's a lifestyle upgrade. Experience the future of fitness and transform your well-being. Don't settle for less when you can have the best. Choose BEAT Technology today, and let your rehabilitation journey reach unprecedented heights.

Extended product information

We encourage you to click and explore the detailed information to gain a deeper insight into why this solution is the preferred exerciser for people using wheelchairs. 

3 reviews for Combi Bike Plus – Exerciser for wheelchair

  1. Kenneth Ørbæk

    Hello Carsten, I’ve now had my Combi bike for a little over half a year.

    I am extremely satisfied with the bike, as it has improved my breathing, making me better at playing the saxophone. My lung capacity has greatly improved, and in sports, it has improved my concentration. My digestive function has also improved, allowing me to use the restroom more frequently without aids.
    It’s a fantastic form of exercise, and I can even watch TV at the same time, so I cycle almost every day.

    Highly recommended!

    Best regards,
    Kenneth Ørbæk

    • Carsten Lemche

      Dear Kenneth,

      Thank you very much for your wonderful description.

      It will undoubtedly help others with paralyzed legs to know that, with my exercise bike, they can indeed enjoy all the benefits you’ve described.

      The advantages of exercising when you have lower body paralysis are well-known, but unfortunately, very few of our many hundreds of customers who use the bike describe the benefits as eloquently as you, Kenneth.

      Thank you very much.

      Best regards,

      Carsten Lemche

  2. Jan Knudsen

    Today, 11/9 2020, it has been exactly one month since we returned from the store in Helsingør. There, we had just stopped by to check out the various products available for home rehabilitation.

    I needed a real alternative to the common exercise bike, which I often found to be filled with unnecessary gadgets that I didn’t need. In the store, we met Carsten, who demonstrated three different solutions for home workouts.

    A small home trainer, the Combi Bike Plus, and a regular exercise bike.

    I tried them in the order mentioned and was never in doubt about which type was right for me. The Combi Bike was easy to use. Find a suitable chair, sit down, and you’re good to go!

    In the past month, I have been cycling almost daily and have covered the first 500 kilometers. My muscle mass has greatly improved, and I’m well on my way to getting rid of my crutches. I’m so glad I chose to visit Carsten and opt for a professional solution.

    • Carsten Lemche

      Thank you very much for the excellent review. You, more than anyone, have discovered the value of taking matters into your own hands. We always strive to inspire and let customers decide what they feel is best. I’m very proud that your own efforts in your rehabilitation are proving to be fruitful.

      It’s a fantastic alternative to exercise bikes, which, as I often say, are often designed with features and appearances aimed at men in their fifties in lycra, as the Crown Princess said…

      Once again, thank you for your review. I have hundreds of satisfied customers, but unfortunately, very few have the opportunity to write as you have done. Thanks again!

      Best regards,
      Carsten Lemche

  3. Ann Soholm

    “We can only recommend Lemco and their Combi Bike.

    Unfortunately, our father suffered a stroke that required a lengthy rehabilitation process. When he returned home, he didn’t receive as many hours of training as he did at the rehabilitation center, leading to a decline in strength. We chose to purchase the Combi Bike since it was also used at the rehabilitation center. It is excellent as it trains the entire body and can be used while sitting.

    Furthermore, the strong side of the body assists the weak side.

    In our father’s case, the left side is severely affected, but the bike ensures that the entire body is active and strengthened. Our father has experienced a return of strength, which is maintained through the use of the Combi Bike.

    Kind regards,

    Ann Søholm

    • Carsten Lemche

      Dear Ann,

      I am so proud that our solution proves beneficial for additional rehabilitation for your father.

      Return of strength is difficult without the right exerciser.

      Our exercisers are the same as used for stroke rehabilitation in the centers, but competitively priced so they are a good solution to use at home, when government paid rehabilitation stops.

      Thank you for the great review

      Carsten Lemche, inventor and ceo

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