Exercise during Therapy

Further increasing quality of life for therapy patients

Our exercisers can assist patients to further improve their quality of life and well-being

Therapy research

Collective Of therapy Research

incomplete Quadriplegia exercise

Incomplete Quadriplegic

incomplete quadriplegia and people with tetraplegia can now exercise from wheelchair and move their legs with a slight effort by the arms due to BEAT ...
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aina wilfak inventor of manuped

Manuped re-invented by Lemco Mobility in Denmark

Lemco Mobility in Helsingør, Denmark, invented the  groundbreaking manuped that stands out for its remarkable improvements and optimizations compared to existing manupeds available anywhere.
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Intradialytic physical exercise program

Intradialytic Physical Exercise Program Patients undergoing hemodialysis(HD) are characterized by a poor physical condition and a substantial sedentary profile. Background ...
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BedBike Hospital care Horizon covers exclusive in bed exercise for faster recovery

ICU patients exercise in bed for quicker recovery

When exercising in ICU the patients recovers quicker and the reduction in musclemass during stay in ICU is reduced. The BedBikes from Lemco Mobility enables ...
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Rehabilitation with the Combi Bike Plus mobility exerciser

Niels Kristian Kjær sustained a number of serious injuries after a plane crash. A good three months of intensive exercising with the Combi Bike Plus ...
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Research in physical activity for disabled

Identify various barriers and facilitators associated with participation in fitness among persons with disabilities. Focus groups were conducted in ten ...
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ICU Pedal Exerciser At Hospital

BedBike used in ICU helps patients recover faster

Dr. Christopher White states that BedBike aids patients in the intensive care unit in recovering more quickly. Additionally, using BedBike to exercise lying down reduces ...
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The mobility exerciser loosens up a tense body

The residents of Solbjerg Nursing Home improve their fitness, endurance, and mobility through daily exercise with Combi Bike Plus from Lemco Mobility.
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Exercisers for wheelchair, chair and hospital bed. Lemco-mobility Rehacare 2022 excibit.

Rehacare 2022 Lemco-Mobility exercsiers

Lemco-mobility exercisers at Rehacare 2022 . We exhibited at Rehacare in november 2022 to exhibit our exercisers for wheelchair, chair and hospital bed use.
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Perfect and good looking mobility exerciser for elderly

Exercise using Combi Bike Plus from Lemco Mobility contributes to good physical and mental well-being among the residents of Friplejehjemmet Lillebælt, DK.
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Daily exercise at home keeps Anders fit

Anders Bonde Jensen exercise with Combi Bike Plus mobility exerciser despite not being able to walk due to sclerosis. He uses it sitting in his wheelchair, and ...
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Parkinsons exercising in chair

Parkinsons and Spinal Stenosis – Daily exercise increases my mobility

Claus Christian Gulmann, who has Parkinson's disease and spinal stenosis, exercises for at least 30 minutes every day with his Combi Bike Plus. As a ...
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Combi Bike Plus outperforms motorized exercisers

Combi Bike Plus from Lemco Mobility took the place of an exerciser with a motor. This provided new opportunity to train more people at the ...
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Increased walking distance by using Combi Bike Plus

The mobility exerciser Combi Bike Plus is popular among residents of the Himmelev Gl. Præstegård nursing home in Denmark. According to the coordinator for training ...
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BedBike provide dialysis patients energy and a increased quality of life

When using BedBike from Lemco Mobility, dialysis patients experience less cramps and have more energy. The Randers Dialysis Unit staff can manage the little BedBike ...
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Combi Bike Plus is incredibly easy to use

While they exercise with Combi Bike Plus, residents at GuldBoSund Nursing Home and Rehabilitation enjoy engaging talks with occupational therapist Rune Nielsen. The exerciser is ...
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French health minister François Braun visits ASA dialyse

François Braun, the French Minister of Health and Prevention, recently paid a visit to the Association Saint-André (ASA), a dialysis centre in Talange, France. A ...
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Manuped in use at Hospice

Hospice patients benefit from gentle exercise

Exercising with Combi Bike Plus is beneficial for terminally ill patients who need to exercise gently, according to physiotherapist Hanne Oest Jacobsen.
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Intensive rehabilitation with Combi Bike Plus

Following hospitalization for conditions including strokes and fractures, rehabilitation with Combi Bike Plus helps patients return sooner to their own homes.
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The Combi Bike Plus provided results in just nine days

Kirsten Houmann was paralysed on the left side due to a stroke. But exercising with a Combi Bike Plus from Lemco Mobility, which was designed ...
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I’m becoming more sociable as a result of my training

Roald Poulsen, a former football coach, has battled muscular dystrophy for over ten years. In his own words, he avoids impairment by training with a ...
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