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Increased walking distance by using Combi Bike Plus

Increased Walking Distance by using Combi Bike Plus

The mobility exerciser Combi Bike Plus is popular among residents of the Himmelev Gl. Præstegård nursing home in Denmark. According to the coordinator for training and activities, it improves the physical well-being and quality of life of the residents.

They have a lot to take care of at the nursing home Himmelev Gl. Præstegård – an independent institution under the OK Foundation – also when it comes to the use of Combi Bike Plus; the exerciser designed for care facilities that you ride while sitting in a chair or wheelchair.

Every Tuesday and Thursday morning, Susan Salomonsen, the training and activities coordinator, makes sure that the exerciser is fully booked in the training area.

“Life must be lived throughout life” is a quote from the nursing home’s mission statement that profoundly influences Susan Salomonsen’s interactions with the residents.

Better shopping because of exerciser

– The daughter of a 93-year-old resident and I recently spoke. The daughter tells me that she and her mother had just returned from shopping and that she had noticed a significant change from her mother’s earlier level of physical endurance, says Susan Salomonsen and continues:

– The mother has always been mentally sound, but walks with a cane. She has developed more physical endurance after beginning exercising with Combi Bike Plus a few months ago. The mother had previously taken breaks during their walks, but when the daughter now asked whether they should sit down during their shopping, the answer was no. And it had been a while since the daughter had experienced that. I believe the favourable development is related to the mother’s exercising with Combi Bike Plus twice a week for about a quarter of an hour, says Susan Salomonsen.

Replaces expensive electric exerciser

The mobility exerciser was delivered to the nursing home in 2020. The old exerciser with a motor had broken down at the time and was costly to repair. Combi Bike Plus was then evaluated to see if it could replace the costly electric exerciser, and it could.

– Combi Bike Plus has the advantage of not requiring electricity and being easy to manoeuvre due to the built-in wheels. For example, when there are holidays, the activity area closes, and I move it to our living room so that the residents can use it there. The staff are always helpful. Some residents prefer to use it in front of the television, so we place it there and because it is silent it doesn’t disturb anyone. It is flexible, says Susan Salomonsen. She would like an extra Combi Bike Plus so that the 54 residents will have even more opportunities to exercise.

– If we had two, you could sit next to each other and exercise, she says.

Residents should have a positive experience

The Combi Bike Plus makes it easy for the user to use both hands and feet in synchronised 360-degree circles. Whereas on conventional exercise bikes you suffer uneven motions, the BEAT technology offers the user an even thread in the pedals. Even those who have severe paralysis can use the mobility exerciser, and on its easy-to-read display, you can keep track of your speed, distance, and time. Additionally, the resistance can be changed on a scale from 0 to 9.

Residents with e.g. Parkinson’s disease, hemiplegia, or dementia can exercise with the Combi Bike Plus supervised by a psysiotherapist.

According to Susan Salomonsen, it’s important for the residents to enjoy their training.

– The residents need to have a positive experience. They always start with a low resistance to warm up. The resistance is then adjusted, but still manageable for the person. The notion that you can do something for yourself when it comes to exercising is important. Additionally, residents are adept at creating their own goals for the number of kilometres they want to ride, she says.

Improves your quality of life

Residents, according to Susan Salomonsen, love the fact that they can sit in a chair or wheelchair and use it. They are not required to “climb on a bicycle saddle,” as she says.

– Using Combi Bike Plus improves muscles and blood circulation of the residents, she says and continues:

– It is straightforward and simple to use for both staff and residents, and it improves quality of life while being beneficial to the body. The ability to host visits from your grandchildren and great-grandchildren and go for walks with them improves your quality of life, says Susan Salomonsen.

Combi Bike Plus improves the mobility of Margot Nielsen

Margot Nielsen, a resident at the Himmelev Gl. Præstegård nursing home, uses a Combi Bike Plus as Susan Salomonsen, the coordinator of training and activities, observes.