Delivery WorldWide

Our exercisers are shipped to all continents


Our exercisers are highly reliable and are used at home and in rehabilitation centers.

Our design goal of durability is: 6 hours use a day – every day – for 10 years. 

Companies within EU with a valid VAT number can purchase without any vat added to the price. 

Individuals purchasing for home use in EU are charged VAT for the shipping country. 

Customers outside EU can purchase without VAT. VAT/Customs might be added when importing it to the country of destination. 

For UK customers. Because of BREXIT you are supposed to pay VAT when it arrives in the UK. We have already delivered VAT exempted to UK Customers. We need the form and we will add the from to the shipping. It is not 100% bulletproof but please contact us and we will tell you what we know and what seems to work. 

We don´t discount our products at any time, although if you purchase in bulk (25 or 50 exercisers at a time) – Please contact us for a formal quote. 


Our shipping and return policy

Shipping information

We ship the exercisers fully assembled. The Combi Bike Plus on a pallet ready to use, and the BedBike in a box ready to use.

Please contact us for a detailed quote for shipping. 

Before shipping, we always call and ensure the exerciser is the right solution for you. That enables us to have a success rate near 100% even for people we haven’t seen.

Return Policy

We know that many people have bought a lot of equipment that did not work properly. Our exercisers are userfriendly and works surprisingly well for 99% of our customers. 

In case it does not work for you, you may return the exerciser to us for a credit, minus 200 Euro / Month and the transport. That is a hassle-free return policy that we are proud to provide – we never get them back ! 

General questions

We ship to all countries with very few exceptions. (Ex. Russia, North Korea and other banned countries)

If you add the product to the cart the shipping price should be calculated at Checkout. Few countries do not have a shipping cost. Please contact us for an exact shipping quote.

Cheaper alternatives are also available sometimes. please contact us for the exact location and numbers. 

When purchasing in bulk we can usually find a cheaper way of shipping – eg. by sea or Truck. We alway strive to find the most environmentally friendly shipping. 

If you work with a shipper, you are welcome to pickup the goods her in Denmark where the products are also manufactured. 

You are also welcome to visit our factory and bring one home with you.

Our exercisers are made to last. They don’t require monthly service even when used many times a day.

If the BedBikes are dropped on the floor they might require service. we will need to have them in our service center here in Denmark for repair.

In certain of our resellers facilities they can provide local repair / exchange of a module. We always strive to find the chepest and most convenient way for service for our customers.

Occasionally we send a part and a local bikeshop can change the part. 

Our aim is to have satisfied clients.

If you don’t love our exerciser, feel free to contact us for a return.

If you have had the exerciser for some months we usually return the full amount minus 200 Euro / month and the shipping.