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Resistance is positive

Resistance Is Positive

After a lengthy career in farming, farmer Bent Vange Nielsen has logged many miles on his feet. Following a stroke last year, he now carefully monitors the mileage on his Combi Bike Plus.

Being a farmer requires strength and muscle.

Bent Vange Nielsen, age 85, worked hard on the family farm up until a little more than a year ago when he had a stroke. He lost the use of his left arm and leg, and his balance was shattered.

However, if you have experience farming with pigs, cows, and plant production, you are accustomed to working hard. As a result, Bent Vange Nielsen approaches his recovery with a lot of zeal and effort.

After his stay at the hospital in Skejby, Denmark, he arrived at the rehabilitation center Vikærgården near Aarhus. He stayed for a period of tree months and it was here he first tried a Combi Bike Plus.

– It benefitted my arms and legs, Bent Vange Nielsen says.

Conversations and exercise ​

Birthe Nielsen, his wife, had observed how her husband could maneuver the wheelchair right up to the Combi Bike Plus, which was positioned in the corridor, during her visits to Vikærgården. She could also observe how the workout had helped his arms and legs.

– He loved it when I would sit and chat with him while he exercised, says Birthe Nielsen.

In November 2021, Bent Vange Nielsen departed Vikærgården and went back to his home. He made the decision to buy a Combi Bike Plus because he had grown to enjoy using it for exercising so much.

– I use it daily and exercise for about 30 and 40 minutes each time. It equals around eight kilometers each time, he says and adds with a dry sense of humor:

– I worry that I’ll exhaust it. I work out using a nine resistance. According to Bent Vange Nielsen, a little resistance won’t harm you. Resistance is rated on a scale of 0 to 9.

Moving forward

Birthe Nielsen doesn’t have to push her spouse to exercise.

– No need for me to remind him. Since then, he has been exercising every day. We are not discussing how much time he spends with it, but rather how far he has ridden, says Birthe Nielsen.

To this day the daily exercising is still of great importance to Bent Vange Nielsen.

– It’s progressing slowly. It ought to improve my balance and retrain my arms and legs. And it’s moving forward, particularly with the arms and fingers, he says.

Gentle exercise and some advice

The farm, where the couple still resides, is now run by their son. And Birthe Nielsen is happy that her husband stays physically active by riding the Combi Bike Plus.

– The left arm won’t function as well as it previously did, according to the physicians. However, using the Combi Bike Plus for exercise keeps him going and helps him. He is capable of handling this kind of training. Since he can’t leave the house, it’s advantageous to put the Combi Bike Plus in the living room where he can access it, she says.

Bent Vange Nielsen offers the following advise:

– If it occurs to others, as it did to me, I would recommend a Combi Bike Plus, he says.

Bent exercising with Combi Bike Plus at home

Bent Vange Nielsen, a farmer in Malling, Denmark, south of Aarhus, exercises on his Combi Bike Plus in the family farm’s living room.